DIY Bath Soak Recipe {Soothes Eczema}

DIY Bath Soak Recipe (helps my toddler’s eczema!)

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DIY Bath Soak Recipe - Soothes My Son's Eczema!
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Before we get to the DIY Bath Soak Recipe (that helps my toddler’s eczema)…first, a story (as I often like to do).

This post might piss you off. Or, it might just give you a bit of hope.

Either way, I’m here to share my DIY bath soak recipe with you. It’s currently a wonderful solution for my little fellow and the eczema from which he suffers.

I’m going to shoot you straight…because that’s what I do. There are a LOT of people out there who claim to have answers cures for eczema.

Ooooooooo! Try this carrier oil or this raw butter (or some combination), eat this (and DON’T eat that), eliminate toxins (from EVERYTHING), bathe in bleach or don’t bathe excessively, etc etc etc.

I tell you what…

Eczema is NOT simple. Period.

And anybody who tells you that it is is either a liar OR…they just happened to find something that worked for them, to which I say quite sincerely…Congratulations!

Yes, like many others, I do believe that overhauling a SAD diet (standard American diet) into a ‘real food’ diet can certainly do wonders…I wish we could all eat like this all of the time because, well…it’s just better for us overall! (PSA While we are on the topic, please sign our petition asking Quaker to reveal what is really in their food, because we really don’t know and I’d like for this ‘wholesome’ company to tell me).
Anywho…my point…?

What works for one person’s eczema may not work for another.

I see eczema being like a puzzle. What works for a while might stop working. It’s happened to my son and me MULTIPLE times.


  • A gazillion creams & ointments – some work for a while, some don’t ever work (plus, have you read the ingredients!??)
  • LDN – nothing
  • Steroids – temporary
  • Immunosuppressant drugs – just got sick a lot
  • Eliminating toxins – seems to have worked some, but we just can’t avoid all of them in this world
  • Allergen testing – did it, avoided as much as we could, but when your body is reacting and attacking 80+ triggers, you simply can’t avoid them all
  • Creating my own skincare goods – helps so much to soothe Mr O and me, but not a cure
  • Real food – organic, unprocessed, grass-fed, no GMOs…again, helps some, but not a cure

Do I feel great about the changes we have made, even if they haven’t been the ultimate answer to our eczema woes? ABSOLUTELY! I started down this road of living #LifeFromScratch because of three things…

  1. I’ve always had eczema, but NEVER as bad as I got after giving birth to my sweet Mr O. Body changes…they happen! Then, Mr O developed eczema, too. So, I began *questioning* things. Which led me to…
  2. What in the WORLD have I been eating (and feeding my infant)!?? Which led me to…
  3. What in the WORLD have I been slathering on our skin!??? toxins, Toxins, TOXINS!

So, here we are today. A family who is very busy and strives to live life from scratch, as much as possible, and we still have eczema. Granted, living life from scratch has sometimes been difficult, as my life has taken many turns with this e-magazine and my handcrafted organic skincare line taking off…but at least now I know how to make better choices when I shop.

We eat organic, as little processed food as possible (except when super busy, but even then it’s organic and minimal in ingredients), grass-fed meats, nourishing fruits and veggies, gorgeous stocks and broths (beef and chicken), raw milk (or low vat pasteurized), and avoid toxins in our personal care products and household products. The personal care part is pretty easy, since organic skincare goods are constantly being created and made in the Pronounce Laboratory.

DIY Bath Soak Recipe {Soothes Eczema}
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An Eczema Cure…?

Everyone who has eczema is looking for a cure to their eczema. Of course! It’s an awful condition…red rashes, bleeding, cracked, ITCHY, infected, unsightly, mood altering, self-esteem crushing, blisters…yeah, it sucks.

As I mentioned above, I obviously have no cure. If I did…well, I certainly wouldn’t have to worry about my car payment, now would I!? I cannot stress this enough…

Again…my opinion is that anybody who tells you they have a cure is either in it to make money OR is sharing what truly worked for them. <–but that ‘cure’ just may not work for you.

#DebbieDownerHere #MoreLikeTruthfulJess

Eczema is seriously like a puzzle, except the pieces keep changing shapes.

Ugh…how frustrating is that!? Here in our e-magazine you will see several tips, tricks, tools, and truths about eczema…and lots of healthy recipes to nourish your body (which your body clearly needs when under such stress). What you will NOT find is a cure. I have no cure. And even if I did, it might be *MY* cure, and not yours.

What I want YOU to do is…keep trying to find things that work for you and your body.

Consult with different doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, books, online bloggers, friends, and just research Research RESEARCH reputable sources! Find pieces to YOUR puzzle and see what works for you. I do not mean to be negative, I sincerely do not. I mean to keep it real, as I always do with you.

DIY Bath Soak Recipe {Soothes Eczema}
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..and that’s why I’m sharing this DIY bath soak recipe with you today. It has truly helped my son’s eczema over the past week. Mr O recently spent several days at my parent’s house while hubs and I had some downtime and a nice date night to Cincinnati. He had a blast, as did my parents. Them having that time together is invaluable to me, them, and Mr O.

Of course while there he eats things he doesn’t necessarily eat, he is around things he isn’t normally around, and that’s all okay! I just know that when he comes home from staying with them I’ll have some work to do to settle his eczema.

I created this DIY bath soak recipe to use the night he came home. When he woke the next morning the results were amazing. Incredible! His red, inflamed, itchy, cracking eczema spots had been calmed to a minimum. I’d say I saw a 90% improvement…literally overnight.

He went to school, where he plays in sand and dirt, toxic shaving cream, conventional food colors in water, etc. Of course, he came home inflamed again. It was time for another soak! The next morning…same thing. MAJOR improvement.

Day after day after day of soaking in this DIY bath soak recipe has done nothing but make his eczema less visible and less itchy (helping to stop that itch-scratch cycle).

Yes, it’s still there…but this soak has given him a sense of calm that I haven’t seen for a while with any other concoction I’ve tried. That’s why I feel comfortable sharing it with you. Will it work for you or your children? I don’t know; I really can’t say (remember, eczema is like a puzzle). I do think it’s worth a shot! If nothing else, I’m willing to bet that you or your child will have a much calmer, deeper, and better night’s sleep, as the ingredients in the soak all support that. If you ask me, a peaceful night’s sleep alone is worth whipping this up and if it benefits your eczema, too…Win-Win!

DIY Bath Soak Recipe {Soothes Eczema}
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4.7 from 3 reviews
DIY Bath Soak Recipe (helps my toddler's eczema and dry skin!)
Serves: 3 Cups
  • Materials:
  • Large mason jar (at least a 24 oz mason jar like this)
  • Measuring Cups
  • Ingredients:
  • 2 C Magnesium Flakes (these are our favorite reputable magnesium flakes)
  • ½ C Dead Sea Salt (I trust the quality of dead sea salt I get here)
  • ½ C Epsom Salt (I'm in love with the silky smooth feel this quality epsom salt leaves on my skin)
  • Essential Oils:
  • 20 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
  1. Add in the magnesium flakes and salts. Shake, shake, shake!
  2. Then, add in your essential oils and shake some more.
  3. I use about a ½ C for each bath he takes. He's about 30 lbs and doesn't have much water in the tub. I use it every time he bathes, which is 3-4 times a week. Feel free to double or triple your batch so you won't have to make it so often.

What Makes These Particular Ingredients Perfect?

Magnesium Flakes

Magnesium is an essential mineral for human health. It plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy in many ways, including nerve and muscle function, a healthy heart, bone health, and a healthy immune system. Those suffering with eczema know how crucial it is to offer all of the support they can to their immune system!

Magnesium is required for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body…things at the cellular level that are crucial to a healthy body!1

Decreased levels of magnesium have also been related to poor absorption of vitamin D. Being an eczema sufferer (or having a child who suffers), you know that getting adequate sunlight is imperative. In fact, thousands of people undergo light treatments for eczema everyday.

Since many people are deficient in magnesium, a crucial mineral shown to help with dry skin issues, soaking and absorbing in a warm bath through the skin is a great (and easy way) to supplement!

Dead Sea Salt

According to Mountain Rose Herbs, “…wealthy in numerous key elements and has proven to be one of the best therapeutic salts available.” This stuff is GOOD! MRH sustainably harvests its Dead Sea Salt directly from the marshes of the Dead Sea.

Since environmental allergies and allergens in the air are a big trigger for many eczema sufferers, having an ingredient that successfully cleanses and detoxes these things away is crucial. This is exactly what dead sea salt does…while also restoring many of the minerals that have been lost in our skin and body.

It’s a soothing ingredient for the skin and something I use often in our baths.

Epsom Salt

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What a treat Epsom Salts truly are! They are mainly composed of magnesium and sulfates, again…crucial for our bodies and our layer of skin.

A wonderful detoxing ingredient, the magnesium component of epsom salts, once again, helps with inflammed skin. The sulfate part of epsom salts helps promote detoxification, while also encouraging absorption of lost or deficient minerals (like the oh-so-important magnesium).2

Epsom salts are a staple to keep in my home (and luckily, they are quite affordable, too).

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender EO is another staple in my home, so thankfully it is friendly on the pocketbook, too. I use it in my DIY ‘Fix Anything Salve’ Recipe, for good reasons! MRH states that lavender EO has the following properties and benefits…

Properties: Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, cholagogue, deodorant, diuretic, emmenagogue, insecticide, nervine, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, vulnerary.

Benefits: Bruises, burns, dandruff, earache, flatulence, halitosis, headache, indigestion, infection, inflammations, insect bites and stings, insomnia, nausea, nervous tension, rashes, scars, slow digestion, sore muscles, sprains, stress, sunburn, toothache, ulcers, wound.

No brainer for a recipe like this, huh? Adding the essential oils into the bath usually makes them simply float on the water (oil and water don’t mix), but when they are included in this bath soak recipe, they bind with the salts and are therefore able to be more beneficial in terms of healing.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This is a *favorite* essential oil for me. It is so intoxicating to my senses! Sandalwood essential oil not only gives an intense woody/Earthy/delicious smell, but it is extremely moisturizing. It is a no-brainer for skincare products for it’s extreme moisturizing capabilities. You can read more about healing sandalwood EO here at MRH.

NOTE: Australian Sandalwood gives us an ecologically responsible alternative to traditional Indian Sandalwood, which has a strong possibility of becoming extinct. It takes years for Indian Sandalwood trees to grow and over-harvesting is a huge concern. 

I truly hope that this DIY Bath Soak Recipe helps give you &/or yours some relief from dry skin or eczema woes. I feel your pain, I sincerely do.

Keep working at your puzzle!

Feel free to share remedies below that have worked for YOU…and remember that while they have worked for YOU, they might not work for everyone…but with such a nasty condition it’s worth trying different things to find healing, soothing things.

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  1. Avatar

    I so need to make this! My son has had eczema since he was born. It runs in my family. Doesn’t help that we live in MN and he was born in the winter. I’ve tried a lot of different remedies and make a lot of my own bath/body/cleaning products but there’s always things you can’t control. Do you only use this soak when there’s a flair up? Can it be used as a preventive? How much would you add to the little ones bath? How much for an adult bath? Thanks so much!!

    1. Avatar Post

      Hi Jennifer. So sorry…I forgot to add that information. Thanks for the head’s up! I added the information into the recipe. With a refresh of your page it should now show up. I use a 1/2C every time he bathes. It’s been over a week and it’s still doing wonders for Mr O! I hope that this might help soothe your son’s skin, too.

  2. Avatar

    It’s so nice to see a post from you! I know you are crazy busy, but I miss your posts! Afterall, it was your personality that came through your writing that drew me to your website. Anyway, may I ask, what is the difference between the magnesium in the flakes & the magnesium in the Epsom salt? Thanks!

    1. Avatar Post

      <3 <3 <3 Thank you, Katie! I post as often as I am able, and want to post more. I love writing and sharing my tips, tricks, tools, and recipes with all of you. Your words are so kind.

      Great question! There is no difference, other than the epsom salt includes magnesium (the same) and sulfates (and helps the magnesium to uptake into our bodies).

      Thanks for reading and I'll keep posting as often as I can. I hope you continue reading my posts, as well as our amazing Contributor posts. :)

  3. Avatar

    Your article really resonated with me. I started suffering from eczema in my early 20’s and was saddened when my son was born with eczema as well as other skin problems. Like you, we tried everything. It was a constant struggle for years.

    I bet the bath soak is really soothing. Can it be used on infants?

    Pinning. Thanks!

    1. Avatar Post

      <3 Thanks for reading and for your note, Carol. You know, there are *thousands* of people who have been in this boat. That's why I wanted to write my not-so-brief commentary at the top.

      I would feel comfortable using this on an infant, but if you question it, just check with a doctor. Again, thanks for your comment here.

  4. Avatar

    So many of our customers say they got into making their own skincare products because of skin conditions like eczema! Some swear by no fragrance or essential oils at all, others say using something like lavender helps them, still others say simply switching to handmade lotion and soap from store bought stuff was a night & day difference. Every body is different, and the same thing that eased the symptoms one season may not be as effective the next. It’s always good to have a bunch of different ideas in the arsenal 🙂

  5. Avatar

    This totally soothed my toddler’s eczema, almost immediately after coming out of the bath. But it of course still comes back. I am struggling SO hard to find the root cause of it!!

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