Chipotle Hummus

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I absolutely love hummus. I mean, what’s not to love? You can dip pretty much anything in hummus…celery, chips, peppers, crackers. You can use it as a spread on healthy tortillas and sandwiches. Sometimes I just take a big old spoonful and eat it! Not to mention, hummus is pretty darn good for you, too. It is packed full of protein and healthy fat.

The first time I had hummus it was homemade by a friend. Honestly, I didn’t like it. It was grainy, flavorless, and…just weird. The second time I had hummus at my brother-in-law’s house it was a store-bought brand and I fell in love. I started purchasing hummus from the store immediately and gobbling it down with pita chips, peppers, or celery (my favorites).

When the food allergy plague hit my house and I became a label researcher I was devastated to find that my favorite hummus contains citric acid, which is almost always derived from corn. This pretty much guarantees that it also contains GMOs. Boo!

I went hummus-free for quite sometime. Those were sad days. As I began gaining more confidence in the kitchen I realized one day, “Hey…I bet I can make hummus! What the heck is in hummus?” I did a little research, found the core ingredients, and off to the store I went.

The first batch, well…it wasn’t worth feeding to our cat. Humph. Maybe I couldn’t make hummus; can anyone really make hummus taste like it comes from the store (remember my friend’s not so tasty hummus)? I just couldn’t give up. I love it so much! So, after much trial and error, I think I finally have it down and I’m ready to share my favorite flavor with you.

Chipotle Hummus

  • 1/2 C tahini, unsalted (I use Woodstock brand, as they are part of the Non-GMO Project)
  • 1/2 a lemon’s juice
  • 1/2 C water (plus more on reserve to get the consistency you like)
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 t sea salt
  • 15 oz can garbanzo beans (Eden Foods brand works well for me, also part of the Non-GMO Project)
  • 1/2 t chipotle seasoning (or to taste for you)

  • Add the tahini, water, and lemon juice to your food processor (with the metal chopping blade in place). Puree on low for a few minutes until the mixture becomes a little infused with air, whips up a bit, and looks a little white.
  • Next, add the garlic cloves and sea salt; puree for another minute or two until garlic is finely minced in the mixture. You may need to use a spatula at some point to wipe your sides clean and push the mixture back down into the processing bowl.
  • Add the garbanzo beans, a handful at a time and continue pureeing on low speed. If the mixture looks a little stiff to you at this point, add water a teaspoon at a time.Finally, add a drizzle of olive oil and the chipotle powder until well mixed.
  • Spoon out and sprinkle some chipotle powder on top or a little fresh parsley…whatever suits your fancy. 🙂

This will give you plenty of hummus for a small gathering. Be sure to reserve some for yourself before serving to your guests because they will no doubt devour it. 😉

Also, don’t be afraid to play with this recipe a bit. Don’t like chipotle? No problem; add a 1/2 C of roasted red peppers instead (or you can even add those along with your chipotle powder). You can add lots of fun things to this recipe. Just we aware that if you are adding things that breakdown water into the mix that you’ll likely need to adjust the water you put into the recipe.

Here is a cheesy quinoa cracker recipe that pairs quite beautifully with this hummus. Yum!

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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