Branch Basics

I apologize that you have reached this page instead of the one that you wanted to read. Due to information I obtained on February 2, 2016 I am no longer able to support Branch Basics.

I received the following email from Branch Basics owners (and I have highlighted things of utmost importance for Scratch Mommy, LLC and you)…

Hi Jess,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this issue and please know how much we appreciate your support of our company thus far. We consider you a true friend of BB. We are truly sorry for the time it has taken for us to get back to you and for any inconvenience we may have caused you and your Scratch Mommy readers during these past weeks.

As you may know, we started Branch Basics after our three individual health journeys fueled our passion to educate and inspire people to create healthy homes and bodies. We found ourselves wanting to share with others the safe, effective, simple solution that Marilee had used for 22 years, after it proved invaluable in her son’s recovery from a chemical injury due to chlordane. We saw the value it added to our own lives and to Marilee’s extremely chemically sensitive clients, as this one solution replaced a multitude of cleaning and personal care products. We approached the formulator who herself is chemically sensitive and targeted her product for private labeling within this specific marketplace. We worked with her to make a formula unique to us, however our input was limited to making changes in the known ingredients as she required her blend to remain proprietary. To us, this was the perfect vehicle for our mission to motivate people to make simple, healthy changes. This is the product you know today as Branch Basics Concentrate.

Everything we have told you and our customers is what we have believed about this product because of what had been represented to us by the formulator for two decades and in our signed contract. Therefore, we confidently differentiated our product from other natural cleaning products by being not only non-toxic, but entirely free of synthetic ingredients which are found in most green cleaners.

However, we have now learned that our formulator misrepresented the ingredients in her proprietary product. After much pressing, she admitted that it contains synthetic ingredients and that it is not a true soap, however she continues to keep the full ingredient list proprietary.

We put an immediate hold on sales in light of the new information and brought in one of the nation’s leading toxicologists to work with the formulator under a nondisclosure agreement. He fully assessed the product’s ingredients, percentages and manufacturing process. It is here we have focused our time, energy and resources as chemists and other experts have deemed this the best means of attaining conclusive and comprehensive information on the product. Preliminary results conclude the formula is a combination of biodegradable ingredients and it is considered to be safe, non-toxic, non-irritating to skin and eyes when mixed and used as directed, not a dermal sensitizer, not carcinogenic, not a reproductive risk and not bioaccumulative.

While we are happy to have expert confirmation of the safety, we plan to take legal action against the formulator/manufacturer who misrepresented her formula. We don’t want to sell a proprietary product and therefore have made the very difficult decision to discontinue this formula while we dedicate ourselves to creating a fully transparent product that is as natural and effective as possible with a new formulator.

We humbly apologize for how this may affect you and your business. We are so grateful for your support of Branch Basics thus far and ask for your patience as we work to uphold our brand commitment to purity. This company is extremely personal to us, as the three of us have poured everything we have into building it with only the purest intentions. What started as small gatherings in people’s living rooms, sharing tips on toxin-free living, has grown into something bigger than we could have imagined. We are dedicated and determined to not let this stop our mission to educate, inspire and help people live healthy lives.

We will be making the attached public announcement on our website later tonight. Please reach out with any questions or comments and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. Thank you again, Jess.


Marilee, Allison, and Kelly

I would love to once again support Branch Basics and its three female owners in their quest to provide a quality non-toxic, truly all-natural cleaning product that is free of synthetic ingredients. However, until I receive word and see clear results displaying that their product meets our high standards, Scratch Mommy, LLC cannot stand behind their product, nor their company.

I personally met owners Allison and Kelly and had in depth discussions about their product. I felt 100% comfortable and excited about what they were sharing with the masses as a great non-synthetic cleaning alternative. I was led to believe that Branch Basics was not only truly non-toxic, but also healthy to use around adults, children, pets…anybody. I apologize if you put your faith in Scratch Mommy, LLC and feel as though we have lead you astray.

Meanwhile, you can 100% trust that Scratch Mommy, LLC is a company that is interested in only supporting truly non-toxic, natural, transparent, and preferably organic solutions for living ‘life, from scratch.’ We are here to support you in both your DIY and skincare endeavors!

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