Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

As an avid gardener in the Midwest, my backyard garden is nearly all cleaned up with the exception of a few cold weather crops like kale, cauliflower, carrots, and brussels sprouts. These veggies happen to be some of my favorites and it’s likely because without the parade of tomatoes, summer squash, peas, beans, and more…they really get to shine.

The brussels sprouts are especially fun because of how they grow. Throughout the fall, the stalk full of small little cabbage like bulbs grows taller and taller adding even more sprouts with the new growth. Brussels sprouts are also fun because they are super versatile in the kitchen.

I enjoy brussels sprouts raw in salads, roasted in the oven, or sautéed in bacon fat like in this Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe on my personal blog, Bloom.

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