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Simply change the words in red below to match the ways in which you’d like to link and also change your affiliate ID number. Remember, linking to any of these will get you commission for any sales that  the reader/customer purchases (with a lifetime cookie).

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As you can see, there are multiple ways to promote using the link options below.

Also, feel free to utilize links for any affiliate links, if you prefer. You can track them there, too, and see which links are doing the best for you!

Earn even MORE $$$ by referring new Pronounce Skincare Affiliates!

Simply change the affiliate number in red below to match your own unique affiliate number. Send that link to anyone you’d like to tell about becoming a Pronounce Skincare affiliate. When they sign up through your affiliate link, you are automatically slated to receive 5% of the sales that they bring to Pronounce Skincare (and yes, they still receive 15%). Win-WIN!

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