The 7 BEST Pizza Crust Recipes

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Most of us really love a great pizza. Bold statement? Nah, I bet it’s true.

Wether you believe it’s the toppings or the crust that really ‘makes’ the pizza, the fact remains that you must have a crust as the vehicle for the toppings. So, that crust better be darn good. Right?

Are living GF, DF, SCD, Vegan, Paleo, WAPF…maybe just your own idea of a healthy, *real* food lifestyle? Doesn’t matter. There is a delicious pizza crust recipe available for everyone.

Below are my family’s 7 favorite *real* pizza crust recipes (none of that void-of-nutrition bleached, white flour).
These are the 7 BEST pizza crust recipes that I have ever made!

Simply ‘click’ on each picture and you’ll be taken directly to each recipe.

Butternut Squash Pizza Crust

These are some  of the most creative, yet simple (not to mention delicious) crusts that I’ve ever eaten. These lovelies were created by Lauren at Empowered Sustenance (Facebook page here). Lauren is always whipping up lovely grain-free goodies and is great at thinking about things in a fresh, creative light.

You have got to try these mini pizza crusts. They are easy to make, delicious, and you can feel good serving and eating them because they are so nutritious.

Sprouted Flour Pizza Crust

Sarah from The Home Health Economist (Facebook page here) brings us an amazing and ridiculously healthy pizza crust. Just as Sarah recommends in her blog post, my first attempt using sprouted flour was with a pizza crust. It was THIS pizza crust, to be exact!

Have you worked sprouted flours before? I’d love to encourage you to give it a try. The health benefits are amazing. In fact, many people who have avoided grains for years find that they can in fact still eat them, but only when they are properly soaked &/or sprouted.

You can get your sprouted flour HERE and then click the picture above to make this great pizza crust. (PS I have used sprouted spelt and Einkorn for this recipe with great success, but feel free to try whatever sprouted flour you like best).

Quinoa Lovers Pizza Crust

Many of you probably know my love for quinoa. After trying these amazing little pizza crusts, you’ll be in love with quinoa, too (if you aren’t already). I also love that The Coconut Mama (Facebook page here) uses soaked quinoa, which is easy to do with just a little extra forethought.

These great crusts contain only four ingredients (yes, it’s true). Let me know when you try these super yummy little buddies.

Coconut Flour Mini Pizzas

We absolutely love these in my house. They are so versatile…we use them as tortillas for breakfast/lunch/dinner meals, pancakes, torn into little pieces and dipped in things, and pizza (of course).

Kristen at Food Renegade (Facebook page here) hit a home run with these mini, grain-free pizza crusts.

Homemade (kind-of) From Scratch Pizza

Here is a go-to pizza crust in my home, from yours truly. This pizza comes from our favorite gluten-free flour mix and is incredibly easy to prepare. You really have that ‘traditional’ pizza crust feel, taste, and texture with this crust.

My son and hubby request this often and I am happy to oblige. I feel great about the quality ingredients in the mix (and I love it when I get to cook spinach for my hubby and he eats it, so I always top with fresh organic veggies, including spinach).

I Forgot About Dinner 45 Min Pizza Dough Recipe

DaNelle from Weed ’em and Reap (Facebook page here) has not only a great pizza crust recipe here for you, but she also have 3 excellent tips to help you create a truly light and fluffy pizza crust. You know…no dense or thick crusts.

Her recipe and her tips are all definite winners.

Cauliflower Crusted Pizza

This crust was the first pizza crust I made after I realized the true horrors going on inside of my body and my son’s body. Our gut health was absolutely shot and I was scared to eat…well, pretty much anything. I figured cauliflower was safe, so I made this recipe and we’ve been eating this crust on occasion ever since then.

I have tried several versions of a cauliflower pizza crust, but this one is my fav. Holistic Squid (Facebook page here) has nailed the spices in this recipe. Don’t judge, just give this a try. Trust me, it’s fab.

And there you have it. My family’s 7 favorite pizza crust recipes.

What is your favorite pizza crust recipe? I’m all ears and always willing to try new crusts!
Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

PS I hate that I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like. Only one blog post a week is not okay with me. That said, my Pronounce Skincare line has been going absolutely bonkers. I am ridiculously grateful for this, but it is keeping me very, very busy and away from my blog. I am hoping to find a balance soon.

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