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Shop Policies



I am so glad that you are here! Things operate here pretty much the same as they would at any other Mom and Pop shop you would walk into. You see something you like (yay!), I happily sell it to you…and you are happy with your new Pronounce Skincare solutions. Hooray! 🙂


I am happy to accept PayPal, as well as credit cards through PayPal. If you live in Indiana, you will be charged sales tax. I am an LLC retail business registered with Indiana and I pay sales tax, so I have to charge it to all Indiana residents.


I ship within 3-5 business days of your placed order. If something CrAzY is going on and I am unable to ship, you will be the very first to know. I ship through USPS. If you need something shipped overnight, please contact me HERE and I will work with you as much as possible.

Domestic Shipping: I ship using a flat rate method, based on the most expensive shipping class in your order. For example, if you order a 6oz SkinShade (which costs $7 to ship) and a 1oz Foundation (which costs $4 to ship) you are only charged $7. The more you order, the more you save on shipping! 

International Shipping: I have shipped all over the world and use international flat rate shipping in my shop. I ship flat rate, per item ordered. The charge is $11 USD per item, which almost always covers my shipping costs. I do not refund shipping costs.

Body Butters: I ship all body butters with in freezer bags with 2 cold packs, as they WILL melt down when it is hot outside (…don’t leave them in your car when it’s warm outside, hence the name ‘butter’). If a butter (or lotion) does melt down, I can assure you that your product is still just as healthy and *real* for your body and skin. The ingredients have not been affected, as they are all stable at very high and low temperatures. Put it in the fridge to set back up and you’ll be good to go. This happens when left in a warm place because I do not use any types of preservatives (other than Vitamin E for oxidation), which I think it a great thing. Oh, and please reuse your shipped cold packs and freezer packs! 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer ship butters outside of the USA. They are subject to melting in varying temperatures and my cold packs will not  make it through a long trip. I apologize. BUT, please take a look at my body lotions. I’m happy to ship them overseas!

Refunds & Exchanges

Personal care products cannot be restocked, so I cannot take a product back and exchange it. If something was damaged during shipping…eek! No problem. Please, snap a couple of pics for me (if you are able), so I can submit a claim to USPS (they like pics). I will reship your damaged products, no problem!

If you place an order and them simply change your mind (or just want to cancel the order for any random reason before I have a chance to mail it), I will be happy to issue a store credit for future use. I make my products to order, so when I make something and then the order is cancelled before I have a chance to mail it, that used my time to create it, so I am happy to allow you to use the paid money for any future transactions.

I do not refund shipping costs. Trust me, I do my absolute best to charge a very fair amount for shipping.
U.S. customers: Free shipping starts when you order $75+ in skincare goodies!

If you are unsatisfied with your product, please…let’s chat! I’d love to know your issues &/or concerns so we can work together for the best solution.


If you forget (or don’t know about) a special deal or coupon I have available, I am sorry to hear this, but I cannot do anything after you have made a purchase. Please follow my blog (and subscribe to my newsletter here) and follow me on Facebook where I often promote my special and coupons. I would LOVE for you to take part in my deals, but once a deal is done (you have paid), I cannot retroactively apply a coupon. Thank you for understanding.

Also, regular coupon codes are set to work only on their own…with no other coupon codes. If you happen to have more than one through some special deal I have been offering, just pick the one that saves you the most!

Custom Orders

I have been known to fulfill custom order requests, when possible. Please, contact me HERE first so we can chat about what you’d like to have. I am happy to work with you, as much as possible.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I have an A.S. in Human Services, a B.S. in Psychology, and a MSEd. in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I recently dropped out of a Ph.D program to follow my passions of helping others live a more healthy, non-toxic life (& to stay home with my amazing son).

Why am I telling you all of this??? I want to let you know that although I am a crazy researcher by nature, I am NOT a medical expert! I am, by no means, an expert in food, healthcare, skincare, etc. I am, however, someone who cares very much about what goes inside of and on my body (and the bodies of my family members and friends…and you).

I am a researcher by nature, and I take my research endeavors very seriously. I want to know all that I can about food, body products, and healthy living in general so that I can live a more healthy life. Please contact your MD, DO, neuropath, etc. if you have any questions about anything mentioned in my skincare shop &/or my blog, as I am not a medical doctor and am not attempting to act as one. (I just really, really, really like to research and spread the good, healthy, chemical-free, non-toxic word…and create skincare solutions).