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Scratch Mommy – Life, From Scratch – is a two-prong business…

  • The finest in quality, free content for YOU = Loads of DIY recipes for the home & body and real food recipes, tips, tricks, tools, and truths.
  • The absolute finest in handcrafted organic skincare for you and yours.

Scratch Mommy® is comprised of a passionate network of people who believe in the mission to not only live life, from scratch…but also want to support others with this important mission.

As the Founder, Owner, Handcrafter, and Skincare Creator…I wear many hats. My momma always said I wasn’t happy if I didn’t have too many irons in the fire. But, of course, I need the support of a true tribe to make this all happen!

I need a strong support system within our community of authors for the online site AND for the organic skincare side of things.

First, meet my the ‘behind the scenes’ gals!

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The Scratch Mommy network of contributors are talented, like-minded bloggers who love living life…from scratch.

Our contributors are a life-giving piece of the Scratch Mommy community. Contributors are bloggers who actively create unique content on their own interesting blogs that have a ‘from scratch’ theme. We love all of our contributors in the Scratch Mommy community. They all work hard and their unique ideas and creativity is amazing!

Assets Of A Scratch Mommy Contributor

  • Maintains an active blog revolving around at least one Scratch Mommy ideal
  • Excellent content creator and writer
  • Unique and easily identifiable voice
  • Storyteller
  • Beautiful pictures
  • Great attention to detail
  • Enjoys seeing the fruits of her/her labors of love
  • Driven to obtain success in blogging (whatever that may mean to each individual contributor…the team will support it)

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