Earthing…You Dig!??

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You’ve heard me say it a time or two before, but I’ll say it again. Yay For Spring! I love being able to get back outside with nature. I feel as though I, too, come out of my cocoon and winter hibernation state and start to feel alive again through all of the colorful beauty, which surrounds.

Do you feel this way, too, after a long, cold winter is ending? Do you love to be outside and soak your feet in the dirt and mud?

Are you a barefoot-walking-outside kind of person?

You just may dig Earthing, and you may just have a need for it in your life…and you aren’t alone.

EarthingEarthing or Grounding is defined as placing one’s bare feet on the ground whether it be dirt, grass, sand or concrete (especially when humid or wet).1

Think about our ancestors (I do this often to help guide my *real* food and green-living journeys in life). They worked hard in the Earth…they were very connected with the Earth. Not only was this a necessary way of living for them, it serves a healthy purpose to connect with our Earth. Our ancestors have always had a real barefoot connection to the Earth. They walked, worked, and slept on the ground. Like many, many others, I believe that our bodies crave this connection. Our bodies actually NEED it.


Our amazing Earth is full of negative electromagnetic fields (negative energy or electrons). Of what are our bodies composed? Positive energy, as produced by free radicals, which roam throughout. These free radicals cause a host of negative conditions for Humans, including cancers, premature aging, and (here’s a big one) inflammation. A great deal of us are running around with a severe case of inflammation (really, it’s true). This may be why you aren’t losing weight, even though you are eating a *real* food diet &/or working out. Inflammation could be why you suffer from IBS. Inflammation could be a major factor in various types of skin ailments, including eczema and psoriasis. Inflammation can be a contributing factor of asthma, allergies, almost all digestive disorders, obesity, and many other health concerns.

Overall, inflammation that many of us endure (and again, may not even know it) is sourced from imbalance of something within our system, injury, &/or disease.

Now, am I stating that if you “Earth” you’ll cure yourself of possible cancer, premature aging, &/or inflammation? Not necessarily. BUT, I am saying that there is research to support the excellent health benefits that come from Earthing. When we Earth, we swap some of the positive free radicals in our bodies with the negative energy from the Earth. That’s a good thing. Earthing has been said to improve sleep and truly provide an overall feeling of better health (I know that this is true for me). There is even research supporting that Earthing can help with inflammation and adrenal fatigue, which are both things from which a great deal of people suffer and don’t even know it.2

How Do I Earth?

This is the best part. It is so easy!

  • Garden! This is my favorite way to Earth. Get your hands dirty; really dirty! Take off your gloves and feel the mud and dirt mush between your fingers. Get your nails dirty…fill them with dirt! It’s okay…this is why we have bathtubs and showers.
  • Walk barefoot outside. Feel the Earth on your feet. Feel connected with our amazing planet and take in all that Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Take a walk in the woods. Breath the air, study the trees, smell the flowers, touch and feel all that surrounds. Sit down on the Earth and take it all in!

30 minutes a day of Earthing will serve your body well. Get outside and play in the grass. Appreciate all that surrounds you and all that our beautiful Earth has to offer. How do you Earth in the winter when it is cold outside and the Earth is frozen? Lucky for us, there are Earthing sheets available. I have looked at them, but did not make a purchase yet. After the way that this past winter wrecked havoc on me, I am seriously considering making a purchase for next winter. You can learn more about Earthing sheets (and pick one up) here and here is a website devoted entirely to Earthing. Rockin’.

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Want To Know More?

  • I recently ordered this book (Earthing: The Most Important Health Discover Ever?) and it’s on it’s way to me. I am very excited to dig into it. Check it out on Amazon here.
  • Like solid, research-based evidence? Yeah…me, too. Here you go…you will find a host of excellently conducted research studies all about Earthing, including research showing that Earthing will help you sleep better, decrease your stress, and more.

Let me know the next time you get out and about and take part in some Earthing. How did it make you feel??? Until next time…

xoxo, Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

P.S. After you’ve been out in the sun Earthing, it’s a great idea to apply healthy, *real* skincare solutions. Lucky for you, I have you covered! Check out my handcrafted organic skincare solutions HERE in my skincare shop. 🙂

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  1. Jessica, great post…as always. I, too, enjoy digging in the dirt. I feel that I am a steward to all the plants I have lovingly placed in the earth. I am not the one that makes them grow into something beautiful. God takes care of that. I am a cheerleader of sorts. I know that I receive much more than I have given when the flowers begin to bloom and the aromas of that beauty waft throughout the neighborhood. Ah, what joy!!! I look forward to seeing your garden bloom.
    p.s. great, great pictures of Oliver…aka the “O” man.

    1. Thank you, Kathie. 🙂

      We need to be excellent Earthers and cheerleaders this year…lots of goodies will be in the ground soon!

      Oh…and yeah, he’s pretty cute, huh!? 😉

  2. Hey Jess, loved getting to see the adorable photo of Oliver, your sweet boy is a cute as a sweet peach! I don’t want to be a kill-joy but here goes, please watch your sweet baby playing in the soil, things are not as they used to be, all organic soil void of chemical fertilizer contains cow manuare , cows naturally carry salmonilia. If you are composting please please please wear a mask use long handled tools to turn the compost. Wear gloves and masks when adding compost to your garden wait until all is well blended and broken down and always use extra care when breathing over freshly turned soil. I know it’s not as fun as playing in the dirt and making mud pies but it’s no fun to get sick either. I worry about the wee ones and small animals and those with weakened immunity. If you disagree that is fine, I just feel better sharing what I have found to be true, and I found it out the hard way.Stay well! Happy Gardening and Happy Spring!

    1. Oh gosh, Kathy. I hadn’t really given this much thought…at all!

      We are using an organic garden soil mix delivered from a great company. It already contains sand and worm castings. I’ll be adding my own composted things from the kitchen.

      Hmmm…maybe I should do some more research.

      You always have wonderful tips for me. I appreciate you and your concern. You know that Oliver does have a weakened immune system (me, too, for that matter). I will dig around and see what all I can find. If you have any other thoughts, based on what I know is in the soil right now, I’d love to hear.

      Thanks again for always stopping by and sharing your knowledge with me. 🙂


      1. Hey dear friend, it sounds like you got a good source for “good soil” it’s just that today our animals and earth have been so mistreated their is always reason to check and double check even what we think we know? You know? Like you wrote about how inflamation causes so many problems from being unable to maintain proper weight wether we need to lose or gain it or dealing with recurrent infections and pain, I only know what I’ve lived and it’s been really wild. IF it was not for the Goodness and Grace of God who knows. So when I saw little Oliver I thought I needed to say just because we are going organic, still must use caution, we need to make sure what we are handling ,eating and working with, is what we think it is and that we are comfortable with it. You are a very thorough fact checker, so as long as you feel good about it, that’s all we can do.Glad you have a good source for your soil, I know your garden is going to be beautiful, Sure was good to share with you today, Hugs:)

        1. It might be a concern if buying manure from untrusted sources, but honestly, I’m more concerned about making sure my (store-bought) compost doesn’t contain sewer sludge. (Yes, it CAN.) Label reading will go a long way towards helping us all make the right choice!

      2. organic soil is ‘suppose’ to have aged manure, manure that’s been sitting for at least 6 months-1 year BECAUSE of the bacteria and because the majority of veggies will greatly suffer if fresh manure is applied to them because they can burn.

    2. Hadn’t thought about the bacteria that could be in the soil. We have chickens and use their manure to fertilize our garden sometimes. Another thing to think about when digging in the dirt is parasites. They are a cause of my health problems too. And they are everywhere in all dirt and can enter the body through our skin I heard. They can be microscopic or they can be big enough to see. I was gardening just the other day and saw some little parasites wiggling in the dirt, yuck. So on go the gloves. I think I’ll do my earthing in the grass:)…. I am so thankful that since God has created these little creatures that often times find a home in our bodies, He has also created a way to eliminate them from our bodies through different herbs and food.

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