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Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate for handcrafted Pronounce Skincare.

Why YOU Should Be A Pronounce Skincare Affiliate

Make Money, Free Product, Earn Bonuses, & MORE

  • 15% Commission on every sale
  • Since opening my store in June of 2013 I have had over 5,000 sales…and I have many loyal, repeat customers
  • Each and every time someone clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase in my shop (returning customers, too), you make 15% (lifetime cookie)
  • Generous bonus structure (outlined below)
  • Free product (detailed below)
  • Host a giveaway (detailed below)
  • I offer support to you every step of the way! Also, want a guest post on your blog? Great! Let’s do it!!!

More reasons become an affiliate?

  • Support healthy, non-toxic, quality effective, organic, *real* skincare solutions
  • Support a small, woman-owned business
  • Commissions, Bonuses, Free Product, Offer Giveaways (see details below)
  • Sign up a new Scratch Mommy Affiliate through your unique affiliate ID?
    Receive 5% for every sale they refer to the shop (and they still get their 15%)!
  • Paid monthly: You are paid for the previous month by the 10th of the following month. Example, Dec 2014 payments due are paid by Jan 10th, 2015.

How do I become an affiliate?

  • Please make sure that you register with your Paypal email address, as this is the address that I will use to pay you.
  • Once you are signed up (which is, of course, free and takes only a couple of minutes) get your affiliate link HERE.
  • Check your email for your login and password information.

How do I promote the Pronounce Skincare affiliate program?

  • Anyone can promote this affiliate program (bloggers and non-bloggers alike).
  • Use social media to your advantage (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.). Posting to Facebook &/or other social media sites using your affiliate link is a quick and easy way to get sales. Write a personal note with the affiliate link saying why you think your readers would enjoy and could benefit from Pronounce Skincare. Your readers look up to you and respect your opinions; tell them WHY Pronounce Skincare is the bees-knees.
  • Promoting through multiple avenues is important, too (don’t forget about newsletters, email, etc).
  • Bloggers, of course, writing heartfelt blog posts about Pronounce Skincare products is a great way to promote this program. Readers like to know what you are passionate about, so relay this passion for healthy skincare to them.
  • Including banners, images, &/or buttons on your blog or website is also a great idea (see below).
  • Giveaways are always nice for bloggers to do (see below).
  • The more avenues through which you promote, the greater your sales will be; that is simply marketing 101. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’m happy to work with you to create the best marketing plan possible for my affiliate program.
  • Use customer reviews when promoting…people LOVE hearing what others have to say. Reviews are embedded within product page for individual products.
  • Please remember to always use YOUR unique affiliate ID when promoting.
  • Use product images & banners when promoting. You can find a library of product Images HERE and find banners here. If you would like to make your own, feel free! On the banner page, I’ve included the Pronounce Skincare logos for you to use and create your own masterpieces, if you prefer.
  • Ask me to do a guest post on your blog. What might you have in mind? You know your readers better than me. Anything that has to do with healthy skincare is game. I LOVE to chat healthy skincare. Let’s talk about what might go over well for your readers. I’ll guest post for you, you toss in your affiliate links, the blog post is (of course) on your site, and I’ll promote your blog post through my site (and social media), too. Easy Peasy!
  • Finally, please bookmark this page, as you may wish to refer to it later.




There are lots of affiliate programs, why pick this one?

Honestly, my products sell themselves. I use only the finest quality raw ingredients: always certified organic materials, never extracted chemically, sustainably-sourced, non-GMO. So much love, attention, and care goes into my products; they truly are far superior to other ‘all-natural’ products available (Don’t believe me? Read the comments below!)

  • The average product sale total per customer is $50.
  • About 25% of my customers are repeat customers, which means they like what they receive so they come back for more (customers for life). That is a pretty substantial number for small online business of this type.
  • Support a local mom who handcrafts each and every organic item…created from organic raw materials that improve the lives of others.


Of course, I want to reward those who go above and beyond with their sales; that’s only natural for me!

  • Sell a total of $300 in product and receive one skincare item of your choice*
  • Sell a total of $400 in product and receive a $10 bonus AND one skincare item of your choice*
  • Sell a total of $500 in product and receive a $15 bonus AND one skincare item of your choice*
  • Sell a total of $600 in product and receive a $20 bonus AND two skincare items of your choice**
  • Sell a total of $700 in product and receive a $25 bonus AND two skincare items of your choice**
  • Sell more than that in one quarter and we’ll chat about bonuses 🙂

Bonuses are calculated on a quarterly schedule, meaning that you have THREE months to work toward FOUR possible bonuses each year. Sweet!
Bonuses will be paid on a quarterly basis (i.e. paid by the 10th of the next month after a quarter’s end). Quarters run as follows: 1st quarter is January-March; 2nd quarter is April-June; 3rd quarter is July-September; 4th quarter is October-December.

Free product & giveaways!!!lip-lotion-2

If your blog receives 75,000+ unique views a month, I am happy to send the product of your choice to your doorstep for a review. I simply need to verify your stats through a Google Analytics screenshot. I would love for you to review the small size product of your choice on your blog and then promote the affiliate program.

Also, I could be interested in hosting a giveaway for your fans on your site, too. Please contact me below to discuss these options further.


I will occasionally offer coupons for customers through my affiliate program. After becoming an affiliate, YOU will be the first to know! I will email these coupon codes to all affiliates and you can then relay them to your audience. If you have an idea for a post/newsletter/etc and wish to have a unique coupon code, shoot me an email.

What do customers have to say?

Below are a few snippets of what my happy customers have to say…

“I received the product very quickly. Works great, better than an organic brand found in dept stores! It’s always great to find a safe alternative to using products with harmful ingredients. Thanks Scratch Mommy!”

“Really like this. Have tried several formulations made at home, but none have worked as well as this. – I bought the un-scented as I have some sensitivity to oils. Scratch Mommy was very gracious in providing for my special order and I received my order very quickly. Highly recommended!”

Lavender-Infused Body Lotion:
“BEST organic lotion! I get lots of compliments on how great a smell when I use this. It’s rich and moisturizing. I love it and will be purchasing more!”

Signature Body Butter:
“Loved it! I already ordered it twice and am ready to order it the third time :)”

Soothing Tooshie Salve:
“I love it, but most importantly, my baby’s delicate nether-regions love it!”

Be sure to read all customer reviews embedded within each product page and feel free to use those when promoting, too. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Images, banners, & buttons to use when promoting

I have a library of product images here for you to use. You can find banners HERE.

*Including products valued at $35 or below.
**Including products valued at $40 or below.


Contact me with any questions