What do YOU want in your skincare!??

What Do YOU Want In Your Skincare?

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I have had one heck of a week with my skincare line. You guys all rock.

I LOVE how interested you are in healthy, non-toxic, *real* skincare solutions!

I have had so many orders come in (a record number) and I’ve loved filling all of them, even though they’ve kept me crazy busy. I told Hubby that I have been SuperMom this week. He agrees.

It’s interesting. I’ve been propositioned by a few people through Facebook, email, and Etsy asking for specific skincare product variations and asking if I could make them for them. It’s awesome that each time I’ve been asked this week I have been able to say, “Yes! That’s a great idea!!”

This week alone I have been asked if I could create and sell the following three products (and I have been asked by more than three people about these three products)…

  • Nut-free lotions and butters (due to allergies, which I absolutely understand)
  • Zinc oxide sticks
  • Mosquito and bug repellent body lotion and spray
    • SIDE NOTE: I FINALLY got my “Bug Be Gone” Body Lotion up in my Etsy shop tonight. You can check it out HERE.

What’s crazy is that I had already tackled two of these three items in my house for our own personal use. I just never thought to put them in my shop for sale.

Oh, you might be wondering what that photo above is all about, huh!? Well, as I work very hard to get other products listed in my Etsy store, you might see the picture above from time-to-time (like you’ll see right now for my “Bug Be Gone” Body Lotion).

I got the lotion posted, wrote the description, and taking pictures would have taken another hour or so. Well, here I am again, writing one of my 60 Posts In 60 Days right before I go to bed at midnight. Instead of finishing the pictures and getting them online, I just put the picture above up in Etsy…temporarily, of course!

I am working hard for all of you and absolutely LOVING it!

All of this leads me to a few important questions for YOU…

What do YOU want in your skincare?

What would YOU like to see in my shop?

How can I fulfill your healthy, chemical-free, *real* skincare needs?

Please comment below and let me know! I look forward to hearing back from you. Again, thank you all for a fantabulous week in the Pronounce Skincare Shop. We’ve also had a great time on Facebook and in my blog, huh!? Keep being awesome, friends. 😉

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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      Hi Amy,

      Awesome timing…I am working on one now!!! 🙂

      Be sure and subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) so you’ll be sure to see it when I get it posted.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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    Everybody, listen up!!! Do yourself and your family a favor and order Jessica’s new Bug Beg Gone lotion. Unbelievable results to report. I spent 2 1/2 hrs. outside today and not once was I bothered by bugs. No gnats, no flies, no mosquitoes. Wow, this is a first. I didn’t even wear my usual Bug Band today. I DID NOT NEED IT. Thank you, Jessica, for such a great product. And, my skin feels baby soft!!!

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    Thank you so much for your blog and shop! I would definitely be interested in a face moisturizer that won’t clog pores. Maybe something with Aloe?

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      Hi Lauryn! This post is ALWAYS open for suggestions! 🙂 You’ll be pleased to know that I have created a fantabulous facial moisturizer with sunscreen. Woo who!

      Now…finding time to write up that blog post is the problem. Lol. Make sure you are subscribed to my blog (newsletters &/or post notifications) so you don’t miss when it’s posted. Thanks for stopping by!

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