Only Chicken mamas know just how worried you can get about your girls, but despite your worries, they are tough old birds that can handle the wintery cold.

Tough Old Birds


Winter has arrived… early.

My husband, Adam, came in from the chicken coop the other night carrying the bird’s water container that was now a big, solid ice cube.

“So it begins,” he sighed with a little smile as he placed the frozen waterer in the laundry room sink, grabbed a different container, filled it up and ran it back out to the coop.

Last year was our first winter with chickens and, for those of you who have already erased last winter from your memory, it was a doozy. In fact, this November’s big blast of cold across the country kind of reminded me of last January’s Polar Vortex with the howling winds and bitterly cold temperatures.

But, despite how miserably cold and snowy it was, all the hens did just fine.

Not that I didn’t have my doubts…

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