Raising meat chickens is easier than you think. Need a little more convincing? Here are 10 reasons to raise meat chickens in your backyard!

Top 10 Reasons to Raise Meat Chickens

Have you ever considered raising your own meat right in your backyard? Chickens are a great place to start and are a natural transition for someone who is already raising a backyard flock.

Raising meat chickens is easier than you might think and the benefits range from knowing you are getting humanely raised meat to feeling a connection with your food. Waste has also gone down dramatically in our household now that we truly understand the work and sacrifice that went into getting our meat to the table.

Raising the meat birds is a true family effort for us and everyone gets involved with the processing as well. It is hard work, but totally worth it in the end!

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    1. Hi Lalli! You ask a very good question. …and I completely understand. I’ll chime in here, but will also ask our Contributor Heather to chime in with her thoughts.

      I know where I live (Indiana) there are lots of local butchers around. You can do a quick Google search to see what butchers are around you and then talk with them for details of their processing.

    2. Post

      There absolutely are! They may be a little hard to find, but Craigslist or local Facebook chicken pages are a good place to start your search for someone to process for you.
      In my area, this service runs about $5 per bird, so it can run the price of the meat up, but if you are committed to clean eating and really don’t want to do the deed yourself, it might be totally worth the price.
      Thanks for reading!

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