The Truth About Phototoxic Essential Oil Safety- by Scratch Mommy

The Truth About Phototoxic Essential Oil Safety

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We’ve all heard it before, “Don’t put citrus essential oils on your skin or you’ll look like a fresh red lobster.”

But is that really the best advice? What’s really the truth about phototoxic essential oil safety?

There seems to be a battle between essential oil users on how to safely and properly use essential oils. One side will tell you to slather almost any oil on your skin undiluted. If this gives you a rash, it does NOT mean your body is detoxing, it means you burned your skin from using an undiluted oil.

On the other side, often traditionally trained aromatherapists or people following their advice offer a much more conservative approach. But is it maybe too conservative? Do all citrus oils need to  be avoided in all circumstances?

It may surprise you to learn then, that the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has something different to say on the subject. Even Robert Tisserand, the man who literally wrote the book on essential oil safety for skincare, doesn’t advocate for complete avoidance!

To make the waters even murkier, not all citrus oils are phototoxic. And some phototoxic essential oils aren’t even citrus oils at all!

Also, how you use the oil makes a big difference with what percentage is safe. For example, lime essential oil should be used in lotion at only .07 percent, but if you put some in your body wash, you can use a whopping 25 percent!

Get the facts about phototoxic essential oil safety here at The Herbal Spoon.


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