Take Time Thursday #7

It’s that time of the week…Take Time Thursday!

I think it’s important to take time to give thanks and show appreciation for fellow bloggers who have made an impact on me, and take time to share awesome knowledge with all of you. So, below are a few of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy!

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Before we jump into a few of my favorite blog posts from the week I have one quick announcement…

Scratch Mommy Lip Lotions Are Here!

  • As I mentioned in my last post, Lip Lotions Are finally HERE. Woo Who! I decided to go for a better Mother’s Day sale (it’s a pretty darn important holiday, if you ask me) and it’s not to late to get in on the sale.
  • Just through 11:59 PM EST tonight (5.9.13) you can take advantage of the following two offers…
    1. Free shipping on Lip Lotions! This is automatically applied when you add the Lip Lotions into your cart.
    2. 10% off of all Body Butters! When you use the following code during checkout you will receive 10% off of all Butter purchases you make – mothersday10%offbutters – easy as that!

Okay…now for Take Time Thursday!


  • I know that I keep talking about dandelions, but really…how could I not? They are absolutely everywhere right now and can be used in our kitchens in such fun and tasty ways. Case in point, Green Boot Living’s lovely homemade dandelion tea. Yum!
  • Bacon + Sweet Potatoes = Perfect Match. Bacon + Sweet Potatoes + Homemade Chicken Stock = Even Better Match. Bacon + Sweet Potatoes + Homemade Chicken Stock + Spices, Butter, and a few other ingredients = The Skinny Pear’s homemade Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup (which really equals a small piece of Heaven in a bowl, which will very soon be in my belly). Get the easy recipe here.


  • Do you receive your daily dose of Vitamin G??? I am in LOVE with this post by Fooduciary, which has some excellent scientific sources cited throughout as to why we all need our daily doses of Vitamin G…it’s good for the brain!

Home & Simply Being Green

  • Do you make kefir in your home? Keeping it real, I do not. I purchase it at the store. I have absolutely no idea why. I guess it’s because I thought I needed raw milk to make it myself (which is hard for me to have around on a regular basis in my ridiculous state). Nourishing Days taught me this week that although I do not have the preferred raw milk, I can still make kefir with the best I can find regularly (ultra low pasteurized, not homogenized, no hormones, whole milk).
    You will also learn why kefir is not only an amazing, nourishing food for your body, but also a unique way to keep a more green home. This is an excellent post to help you understand why making and eating homemade kefir is a great idea. I am excited to get started making my own kefir next week.

I hope that you’ll visit some of these awesome bloggers’ sites and take a peek. They are all doing some really great things to support *real* health and green-living lifestyles. Be sure to check out my Skincare Shop today, too! Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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