Take Time Thursday #6

It’s that time of the week…Take Time Thursday!
(I am so sorry to be a day late this week).

I think it’s important to take time to give thanks and show appreciation for fellow bloggers who have made an impact on me, and take time to share awesome knowledge with all of you. So, below are a few of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy!

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Before we jump into a few of my favorite blog posts from the week I have one quick announcement…

Pronounce Skincare Sale

  • The way I see it…Mother’s Day is the only holiday I’ve actually earned. So, I thought, “How about a Mother’s Day sale!?” Today only (4.3.13) you will receive 10% off of your ENTIRE purchase PLUS I’m throwing in a FREE Scratch Mommy Lip Lotion with every purchase! SHOP HERE!
  • Use code 10%offandfreeliplotion at checkout.
  • You are so welcome! I just love sending my Butters out to all of you and I can’t wait for you to use my Lip Lotions, too. They will be for sale in the shop soon…it’s taken me a bit longer than anticipated to get them into the online shop (can I blame my toddler!??)…hehe. 😉

Okay…now for Take Time Thursday!


  • Please click the picture for the recipe: Brownie Cheesecake Bars (grain free). Seriously…click that picture. Thank you, The Coconut Mama…sincerely and very truly, THANK YOU!
  • Dandelions. They are EVERYWHERE right now. Before you curse them (well, maybe you’ve already done that…) you should stop and collect a few. Really. Go collect quite a few! Grab your kiddos, better half, &/or some friends and get to picking because there are so many things you can do with these so-called-weeds. Small Footprint Family has written a great post all about dandelions and what you can do with them…including a tasty dandelion wine. Yum!


  • I’ve seen a lot of people talking about migraines on Facebook this week. Maybe it’s the change in the weather?? I feel very lucky that I’ve never had one, but I know many people who do suffer from these apparently deliberating headaches. I stumbled upon an excellent blog post by Health Nut Nation who shares quite a few awesome tips for ways to treat migraines naturally.

Home & Simply Being Green

  • I shared this recipe on my Scratch Mommy Facebook page and it was a hit with my friends there. So, I thought that I’d share it here, too, just in case you missed it. I have not made this yet, but it’s one more thing on my growing to-do list. Actually, this one is going toward the top of my to-do list and bumping a few others down. Real Food RN has created a fantabulous recipe for a homemade dishwasher detergent. This homemade recipe does not call for Borax, which most recipes do. Apparently Borax isn’t as green and friendly as we might have thought. Read all about it and get the recipe for her homemade dishwasher detergent HERE.

  • How many of you burn candles in your home (see me raising my hand, too)? I found a very important blog post this week written by Healthy Roots, Happy Souls, which identifies which candles we should burn, which candles we should NOT burn, and why. This is a very important post, because the facts she shares about the incognito criminal in many households are likely affecting most of us.

I hope that you’ll visit some of these awesome bloggers’ sites and take a peek. They are all doing some really great things to support *real* health and green-living lifestyles. Be sure to check out my Skincare Shop today, too! Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. Jess (ScratchMommy),

    My name is Mandy Leek and I’m the Marketing Assistant for Rain Crow Ranch. I met your husband at a show in Chicago for Sysco. He informed me of your website and told me a little about what you do and the products you sell. Immediately, I was intrigued. Low and behold…I just went on your website and placed an order. After I placed the order, I read that you are doing ten percent off the total today with a free liplotion. I realize you probably cant do the ten percent off now being I already paid by CC, but I was wondering if I could still have the lip lotion?! This would be fantastic….Also, if you have any questions about our 100 % grassfed beef, feel free to email me @[email protected]. I would’ve emailed you personally, but I didn’t get your email from Nick. I would love to answer any questions you might have regarding our beef( I can answer one already you might have….Yes our cattle is finished with grass…NO other grassfed company in the US finishes with grass) I look forward to hearing from you!!!!

    Mandy Leek
    Marketing Assistant
    Rain Crow Ranch

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