6 Steps to a DIY At-Home Facial for when that "me time" pops up!

Six Steps to a DIY At-Home Facial

Most of us are moms here, so I am sure you can relate that “me time” is pretty slim pickings. Between changing diapers, cooking from scratch, work, and scrubbing counter tops I am left with about 1.5 minutes devoted entirely to myself….man how I sometimes wish I could just be a kid again. Somehow though, there are those rare days …

Does DIY Organic Foundation Really Work

UPDATE: Does Homemade DIY Foundation REALLY Work!?

As much as I LOVE them…DIYs are hard. There are many others out there like you and me…those who want to rid their homes and bodies of nasty, horrific, completely unnecessary chemicals. So, that is why I create all of these DIYs and share them with you. That said, for every five people who love my DIY recipes, there seems …

New Year, New YOU – An Investment In Your Health!

A New Year, A New YOU! So, today I am writing to you with an a time sensitive deal. Yes, this is a sale. BUT WAIT…don’t run away. This is an investment that you definitely want to know more about. Yes, I have written about and promoted e-book bundles before. Now, that said, I have NEVER brought one to you …

Have an itch?

Let’s scratch it! Well, we certainly don’t want to scratch all of our itches…not the ones on our bodies, anyway. Especially those pesky dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis spots that annoyingly pop up at the most inopportune times. HOWEVER, if you have an itch to create, those are itches that we will scratch!