Skincare during cancer treatments is very important. Here are a few treatments and tips to help you care for your skin properly while having cancer.

Skincare During Cancer Treatments

        People diagnosed with cancer have so many things on their minds after the diagnosis…how will I take care of my family, how will this affect my job, will I be okay, etc…that they often overlook their skincare needs. Although it may seem a trivial point, “How will cancer treatments affect my skin?” It really isn’t that trivial. …

DIY Sunscreen – Easy To Make (and why YOU need this recipe)!

Confession: I have been sitting on this sunscreen recipe post (and not sharing it with all of you) for a loooong time. Whew! I feel better getting that out.  So, just exactly why have I been sitting on this post? Well, you know that I keep it real with all of you. So, here goes… I tried my hand at …

Cooking Oils 102

Hello lovely readers! So, I left you hanging with my last blog post regarding cooking oils…sorry about that. I have had a lot going on with the business / lotion side of Scratch Mommy (check out my shop…so exciting). 🙂