Many urban dwellers are owning chickens these days but most newbies don't realize hens stop laying eggs after 2 years. What do you do at that point?

The Reality of Owning Chickens


Backyard chickens are becoming more and more of a thing to many urban dwellers. It’s with good reason too — what’s not to love about skipping the store or farm and hunting for your eggs in your backyard? It really doesn’t get much fresher or satisfying than that.

However, many chicken dreamers or newbies aren’t aware of one important factor: hens only lay for about 2 years and then they no longer produce. At that point, new chicken owners need to decide whether or not they will continue to feed these hens without reaping the benefits of eggs, or butcher them. It’s definitely the harsh reality of owning chickens. Naming chickens would definitely be out of the question if they were to be butchered.

That was the plan for Loriel and her husband Scott, but then he decided to name the chickens, and then surprised her with a text message that changed the whole game.

Click here to read what happened to their original plan and how they embraced it.

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  1. Sure, that is a sad reality of owning chickens, but the same thing happens to the chickens that lay the eggs we used to purchase from the store. At least this way, we get to keep the meat. Love that chicken picture. I don’t often think of chickens as being beautiful, but your photo proves otherwise. Thanks for the post!

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