Seasons Change…

Well…Happy Spring! This short post is slightly different than previous posts. I’m feeling the need to both reminisce and look forward. Let me explain…

I am sitting at my parents’ home right now. Ahhh…to be back at Mom and Dad’s house. They’ve lived here over 40 (something) years and been married just as long. Like all couples, they’ve had their ups and downs, but they’ve always stuck through it….and learned and loved together. I’ve learned a lot from them.

Dad taught me how to hunt morels (it’s almost time!!!) and Mom taught me how to properly prepare them. Dad made sure I knew how to identify poison ivy, oak, and sumac…but I still got into all three every summer. I know how to remove a tick and what to do for a bee sting.

Mom taught me how to make a simple white sauce (which I’ve now learned how to modify with my “weird” flours). She also taught me how to make the best iced tea I’ve ever had. She taught me how to sew a straight line, what it takes to make a perfect fried egg, and helped me understand the old adage, “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

I guess when the seasons change I, too, go through changes, which can certainly be a good thing! During these times I find myself reminiscing about past seasons and long ago times in life, while also looking forward to the upcoming changes; this is especially true going into spring, which to me means new life. My Daddy thought that it was important to spend time with me in the garden each spring and summer, planting new life. For that, I am grateful.

I love this time of year in beautiful southern Indiana, when things are springing back to life. I feel as though I am filled with new life in my soul, too.


A garden is never so good as it will be next year. ~Thomas Cooper

Well, here is our next year…our next season. I look forward to what this season holds. I hope that your gardens (figurative &/or real) are simply stunning this season. Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. Happy Spring to you as well! I love Southern Indiana in the spring. The whole package from blooms to the weather to gardening! I hope to read about some of your gardening adventures in the months to come. Thanks for this post. I am also reminising now. 🙂

      1. I am lucky to be in India, although we had sub zero temperature here this year after 40 years (1st time in my lifetime), it’s already 30 degree celcius and i am in swing.

        1. Oh wow! Did you even have warm enough clothes to wear?

          30 degrees celsius…that’s almost 90 degrees fahrenheit. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for that right about now! They are calling for almost a foot of snow where I am on Sunday. Yuck! I have some flowers already blooming from where it warmed up for a few days…I hope that they make it through the snow and I hope that this is the LAST snow of the season. Bring on the garden gear! 🙂

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