Daily green smoothies are counter-productive for those who are seeking optimum health or healing. Learn more about the scoop on oxalates & green smoothies.

Why It Takes Rose Colored Glasses to Love (Most) Green Smoothies- The Inside Scoop on Oxalates

Friends, if you love green smoothies this article may touch a nerve.

Many of us started drinking green smoothies in an effort to get healthier, but, sadly, daily green smoothies are counter-productive and ironic, for those who are seeking optimum health or healing.

Many raw leafy green vegetables need to have their oxalates reduced through fermentation or cooking. They should still be eaten in moderation, purposely choosing low-oxalate options and rotating different varieties.

What is the inside scoop on oxalates?

Oxalates are organic acids produced by humans, animals, and plants. In plants, the leaves always have the greatest concentration.

Kale has perhaps been over-vilified — it is actually low in oxalates. Yet I am still an advocate for steaming or cooking kale, not eating it raw. Or ferment it! Why? Kale and broccoli are both great examples of vegetables that may not be high in oxalates; but they are still hard to digest raw!

As Donna Gates of The Body Ecology Diet says,

…all members of the cruciferous family…in their raw state are considered to be “cooling” and suppressing to your thyroid.

The good news?

Green smoothies do not need to be abandoned altogether!

Head over to my blog, Eat Beautiful, to learn the whole story: risks, alternatives and wisdom regarding your daily smoothie and what it should contain.


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