Raw, Thick, and Creamy Real Food Eggnog Recipe

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Did store bought eggnog go out the door when you switched to a real food diet?

I love eggnog but it can be hard to find one that fits your dietary restrictions when you are on a real food diet. Commercial brands of eggnog use thickeners such as carageenan and guar gum, some of which have been linked with inflammation and are undesirable for a pure, whole food diet (1). Lucky for me, I’m a Scratch Mommy, so if I can’t find a good real food eggnog, I make my own.

I like a thick eggnog, one that is almost custard-like. In my recipe I’ve added that all-time healthy thickener– sustainably-sourced gelatin. The added step is worth the mouth-feel reward you get from the finished recipe!

Did you know: Although eggnog originated among the English aristocracy, it quickly became popular on American farms of the 18th and 19th century, rich with farm eggs, jersey cows and the nutmeg and cheap rum from the Caribbean.

Go forth and make excellent eggnog. May the high fat, high cholesterol, sweet treat nourish you and connect you with Americans of history.

Visit Eat Beautiful to find my Raw, Thick, and Creamy Real Food Eggnog Recipe along with a dairy-free version using coconut milk.

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