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Easy and Delicious Protein Breakfast Muffin Recipe

Who has time for breakfast anymore? Sure, I love the long, lazy breakfasts that involve multiple cups of coffee and great conversations or even an opportunity to read the headlines, but let’s face it, I’m lucky if I have a chance to brush my teeth before racing out the door.

Yet breakfast is our most important meal of the day! So what’s a busy mom (or dad…or anyone, for that matter) to do? Well that’s where the trusty old muffin comes in.

Sure, trends have made way for lots of other breakfast options; maybe you’re into overnight oatschia pudding, or an easy breakfast in a ramekin…but is there anything quite like a good old muffin? Not to me!

This delicious and tasty protein breakfast muffin recipe provides all the good stuff with none of the guilt that some muffins provide. It’s a hit with every member of the family and incorporates both protein and vegetables into a convenient and portable format.

Head to Happy Blurry Beautiful to whip up these easy and delicious protein breakfast muffins!

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