Do pastured eggs need to be refrigerated? The answer may surprise you!

Do Pastured Eggs Need to Be Refrigerated?

Have you ever received eggs from a farmer that were not refrigerated? Were you a little shocked? That’s a totally normal feeling because most of us have grown up with eggs only one way — refrigerated.

I remember the first time I walked into one of my very favorite farm stores and saw 6 dozen eggs just hanging out on the counter. It was a little weird, no lie. It was even weirder when the lady told me I could run my errands with the eggs in the car without any problems.


Different colored eggs that required no refrigeration? Natural living just got more interesting.

So, I did what any somewhat-shocked person would do and did a little bit of research. You’ll be surprised to find out why pastured eggs don’t need to be refrigerated and the reason behind it will make you realize that industrialized eggs are a little more yucky than initially thought.

Click here to find out if pastured eggs need to be refrigerated.

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