Paint Your Own Dining Table

Give your furniture an update! Learn to paint your dining room table.

Hi Scratch Mommy Reader! My name is Anne and I enjoy painting furniture!

Keeping a piece that could be thrown away and giving it new life is something that gives me joy and and a sense of accomplishment. I look at a piece of furniture at home that I painted and I sigh in disbelief, “Really? I did this?” You can too!! All you need is a paint brush, paint, and most of all your imagination and creativity! So, join me as I walk you through How To Paint Your Own Dining Room Table!

I’ll give you a brief history. This table is our very first dining table given to us by my mother-in-law. I just couldn’t let it go. It is very special to me because it reminds me how my husband and I started as a family. It got scratched and bruised as we moved homes and every time we sat down to eat I would see the imperfections, but also see the possibilities for it. I wanted to have a newly painted table by Thanksgiving and I’m glad I finished just in time. Yay!

Here’s how it looked before. It really did need a makeover, right?

Here is a sneak peek of it in the process. It looks like a tedious job. It had all of the groves that needed to be filled in, but I tell you…it was all worth it in the end!

Are you thinking of refreshing your dining room by buying a new dining table? Or any new furniture? Think again. You can save money, keep the memories, and design your own just by painting it! And did I say, you’re saving the environment too?!

How to paint your table
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Ready to learn how to update your own furniture? See my tutorial on how to paint your dining room table and then see my big table makeover reveal, just in time for Thanksgiving!


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