An herbal DIY scouring powder that is easy to make and super effective at cleaning!

Herbal DIY Scouring Powder

As a blogger I always have time to make everything from scratch, cook fantastic gluten free meals, and my house is always clean and smelling of DIY herbal cleaners. Okay, you may have guessed that statement isn’t exactly true. While mommies and bloggers try to juggle a gazillion balls at once, it’s not always easy to keep it together. So …

New Year, New YOU – An Investment In Your Health!

A New Year, A New YOU! So, today I am writing to you with an a time sensitive deal. Yes, this is a sale. BUT WAIT…don’t run away. This is an investment that you definitely want to know more about. Yes, I have written about and promoted e-book bundles before. Now, that said, I have NEVER brought one to you …

Take Time Thursday #8

It’s that time of the week…Take Time Thursday! I think it’s important to take time to give thanks and show appreciation for fellow bloggers who have made an impact on me, and take time to share awesome knowledge with all of you. So, below are a few of my favorite posts from the past week. Enjoy! Before we jump into a …

Easy Oat Crackers

Easy Oat Flour Crackers

This recipe grew out of a desire for crunchy things in my house…and easy to grab and eat, healthy food. Crackers have always been a hit here and these are no exception. These are so easy that you probably have all of the necessary ingredients and tools already in your home. Sweet! I love the taste of oats, so I …

Breadsticks- No Fuss, Healthy, & Tasty

It’s funny. Before having my *real* food epiphanies, I was never much of a baker, let alone someone to cook much of anything other than Ramen Noodles. Sad, but true. Now that I am “in the know” about *real* food and healthy living, it’s hard to peel me out from the kitchen! Baking has become one of my favorite things …

Quinoa Blueberry Bread - Quinoa Blueberry Mini Loaves - Delicious & Nutritious!

Quinoa Blueberry Mini Loaf Bread (nutrient dense & delicious!)

We love bread in this house. Like, love it. Like…really, really, really love it. Lucky for my husband (and son…and me), I realized that in order for us to continue eating bread, I had to learn to make it. This recipe has quickly become a favorite in our home. It is rich, tender, packed full of flavor (and never mind the fact that …

No Countertops & Homemade Pizza? Sure, Why Not!?

As you can see, I am not operating at full potential right now; I am far from it and will be for up to three weeks. Yikes…not good for a Scratch Mommy! However, I know that it will all be worth it once we get out new countertops in place.

Cheesy Quinoa Crackers Recipe

Cheesy Quinoa Crackers

Do you ever just crave a crunch? I know that I do. When I gave up almost all store-bought chips and crackers, I was really missing that crunch in my life. Doesn’t it seem like you always want the things you can’t have!?