Nourishing DIY Hair Oil…no more dry, brittle hair!

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You may have caught wind that I do not wash my hair that often. No…I do not stink, and yes…I feel as though my hair is much more healthy by NOT washing it everyday.

Our hair needs a protective coating of natural oil to keep it in tip-top shape. Too much washing will strip away this protective coating and will leave you with dry, brittle, and possibly unruly hair.

Throw away the toxic hair oils on the market. Seriously…check out the LOOOONG list of unpronounceable ingredients and then RUN AWAY!!!

If you have been experiencing split ends, breakage, or just overall dry and brittle hair, you need this easy DIY nourishing hair oil. Seriously…SUPER EASY! I almost didn’t write this post up, but I realized that we are all at different places in our DIYs and crunchy existences, so I decided that I just had to share.

I absolutely LOVE using this DIY hair oil. It helps tremendously with tangles, split ends, and dry & brittle hair…all while nourishing my scalp. #winning

First, here’s a brief overview of the required ingredients (of which there are only four…yes, 4).

Nourishing DIY Hair Oil - No More Dry, Brittle Hair! By Scratch Mommy #NonToxic #DIY #HairOil #SplitEnds #Dry #DamagedHair
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Ingredients Overview

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

This is a go-to, must-have, keep-around-always essential oil. Lavender essential oil is fungicidal, antiseptic, calming, deodorizing, antibacterial, enhances the immune system, etc etc etc. Oh, and it smells UhMaaaZingLearn more about lavender essential oil here.

Sandalwood (Australian / Santalum spicatum)

This is a favorite essential oil for me. It is so intoxicating to my senses! Sandalwood essential oil not only gives an intense woody/Earthy/delicious smell, but it is very moisturizing. It is a no-brainer for hair and skincare products for it’s extreme moisturizing capabilities. Learn more about Australian sandalwood essential oil here.

NOTE: Australian Sandalwood gives us an ecologically responsible alternative to traditional Indian Sandalwood, which has a strong possibility of becoming extinct. It takes years for Indian Sandalwood trees to grow and over-harvesting is a huge concern. 

Blue Chamomile (German Chamomile / Matricaria Recutita)

Calming properties, anti-inflammatory, and it smells absolutely unbelievable!!! Hands down…it is one of my favorite essential oils. German Chamomile EO promotes relaxation and peace and is excellent for treating skin (inflammation, hypersensitive skin, etc). It makes a wonderful addition to many skincare and body products. It’s also nice because a little goes a long way with German Chamomile. Learn more about German Chamomile here.

Carrier Oil

This is more than simply a vehicle for the essential oils…you need an oil to help with the taming and closing of damaged hair. You can read more about carrier oils in this post I wrote a while back.

Ready for the E-A-S-Y recipe…?

Nourishing DIY Hair more dry, brittle hair! #DIY #NonToxic #Recipe BY: Scratch Mommy
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  • Carrier oil of choice – appx. 4oz (I enjoy using organic almond oil or organic jojoba oil, as they are quite similar to our body’s own sebum and work well in personal care products). I get the majority of my carrier oils here (reasonably priced and excellent quality).
  • Essential oils: LavenderSandalwood, & Blue Chamomile.

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  • 4oz jar (a colored jar like this to protect from light is best)
  • Funnel (not completely necessary, but incredibly handy to keep around for DIYs and for use in the kitchen)
    I use this cheap set alllllllll of the time

Make It:

  • Place drops into your container.
    • Lavender – 16 drops
    • Sandalwood – 16 drops
    • Blue Chamomile – 8 drops
  • Use funnel to pour in your carrier oil(s) of choice.
  • Shake gently to combine…ta-da. Yeah…that’s really all that there is to it!

Use It:

  • Rub your new nourishing hair oil throughout your hair (I pay more attention to the middle through the ends of my hair since it is very long).
  • Leave on for at least an hour. Just wrap your hair up into a towel and go about your business.
  • Comb out and then shampoo with your favorite non-toxic shampoo.
  • Feel free to do this once a week, if you like (but I don’t shampoo that much…lol).


  • If you get this into your eyes rinse out with a plain carrier oil. Water will disperse the oils too quickly and will not help remove it from your eyes. Start with the plain carrier oil, wipe, and then use water with a mild soap (like Castile) to carry the oils away.
  • I have read conflicting information regarding the use of German Chamomile during pregnancy. Because of this, I would say to avoid it…better to stay on the safe side.

*The recipe amounts here are for 4oz of Hair Oil. Please adjust according to the container select.

Looking for a hair tamer to spray for fly-aways?

No problem…I’ve got you covered – DIY Hair Taming Recipe. Feel free to add a few drops of EO to this recipe!

More DIY Recipes?

A quick search on my site and you’ll find that I provide multiple recipes using these essential oils and carrier oils.

There is a search bar at the very top (in my header), so feel free to punch in these ingredients and see how else you can use them. I dislike purchasing several ingredients that only get used once, but these ingredients are very multipurpose in use. Hooray!!!

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

Photo credits: julia.lamb.fear & zenscablay

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    This looks wonderfully easy to make and I can’t wait to give it a try! 3 girls with long hair in this house…this will be perfect for all of us – thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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    I am glad to know someone else that doesn’t wash their hair often. I don’t either. I feel my hair is so much healthier when I leave it alone for the most part. It’s soft, shiny, and bouncy curls, what more could I want. People wash the heck out of their hair and use chemical laden shampoo, then pack on chemicals to repair what the washing did to it. Senseless.

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    You mention using “your favorite non-toxic shampoo”. Do you have a recommendation or recipe for a good non-toxic shampoo? I have looked at several recipes on the internet but most of the comments by people who have used them were not necessarily very positive. Thanks! And I LOVE your website, especially your DIY section.

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    Thank you soo much for sharing your recipes! I can’t wait to get started! I was also wondering if you could recommend a good non-toxic shampoo or have a recipe. I tried a homemade one that I didn’t really care for and a few that I purchased that just didn’t seem to work right. Also, you said you could use it once a week but should I try not washing my hair for longer than a week. I currently wash my hair every other day or so. Mostly because I love a good hot shower, lol.

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