Stoked to tell you all about the insanely awesome Scratch Mommy Editorial Team! We've got quite the interesting little family here to make things run. You've just got to meet them!

Meet The Scratch Mommy E-Magazine Editorial Team!

When I made the decision to completely and totally change Scratch Mommy from a blog to an e-magazine, it came with lots of unknowns and many difficult decisions. How could I create a successful e-magazine? Well, the first thing I knew was that I absolutely had to have a [email protected] team…a real family.

You have had an opportunity to meet the fantabulous Scratch Mommy Contributors all this week. Now, it’s high time you meet the people who *literally* keep this baby alive. Without these folks, there would be no Scratch Mommy e-magazine. It’s through countless hours of intense work of editing blog post after blog post after blog post, social media scheduling and interacting, brilliant newsletter crafting, picture editing, Contributor interacting, keeping ME in check, and so much more that we are able to bring our fresh, relevant, and amazingly awesome ‘from scratch’ posts to you.

Meet The Scratch Mommy Editors


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Loriel Adams, Editor In Chief and Editor for Homesteading & Real Food

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Loriel for just over a year. She and I met through working with a small group of bloggers on a Halloween series last season. We have all remained close and support each other in our crazy online adventures and aspirations.

When I had to begin selecting Editors for the e-mag, Loriel was my first pick…it was a no-brainer.

Loriel blogs over at Naturally Loriel. You may find a hilarious story about “her girls,” a post that shares parenting truths (and I’m sure that all parents have been there), a nourishing recipe she’s whipped up (vanilla cupcakes with vanilla-maple buttercream frostingoh yes), and even a DIY (unbleached tea bags, anyone?). Check out any of these linked posts and I believe that you, too, will fall in love with Loriel. She is smart, funny, driven, and one shining example of a *real* Scratch Mommy. She ‘checks’ me when I need checked, keeps me on deadlines, and knows how to support me and the Editorial staff. I could not ask for a better friend and colleague to have as the Editor in Chief for Scratch Mommy.

As a blogger, I’ve watched her grow an insane amount in a short period of time. That hasn’t happened by accident. In her pictures and writing, she strives to produce and share nothing but excellence on her blog.

As Editor In Chief, I know she will put nothing but her best foot forward in her many and widely varied duties. She’s a multi-tasker, executer, and deliverer. We are quite fortunate to have her on our team. You are really going to love her.

My Favorite Naturally Loriel Post: How To Make Homemade Butter-Flavored Syrup (a glimpse into Aunt Jemima’s Loriel’s Kitchen with a super fun video!)


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Karen Bannister, Parenting Editor and Newsletter

Karen and I were introduced through a mutual acquaintance (speaking of, if you ever need an awesome strategist and online business coach, *check out Julie*…she’s a life-changer!). Karen was my second selection for the Scratch Mommy Editorial Staff…and like Loriel, a no-brainer.

Karen is a published author and poet, an incredible entrepreneur, and a stellar digital media strategist with more than 6 years experience writing and managing content on the world wide web. Yeah, she’s good!

But, it takes more than just ‘good’ to become a Scratch Mommy Editor.

I had the chance to chat with Karen on a few occasions before asking her if she’d be interested in coming on board. You know when you just ‘click’ with someone? We clicked. I had mad respect from the start, but felt as though we could actually work very well together (in an authentic and complementary way) and truly learn from each other (which I believe is a crucial aspect of a successful and thriving team).

Not only did we click, and not only is she superstar skilled for the Editor position…after heading over and stalking her blog I knew that she had a great grasp of what it means to truly live life ‘from scratch’ and what it means to be a strong, caring, passionate woman with a vision…and have the skills to achieve.

We are beyond blessed to have Karen on our team and in our family. She works quietly, but diligently; she works with determination, but also with soul. The amazing newsletters you’ve been reading (sign up here, if you aren’t getting them)…these are all Karen’s ‘from scratch’ creations for all of you. You’ll see and hear more great things coming from Karen…of this I have no doubt.

Karen blogs about motherhood at Type M; and about her business at She’s Gone Digital and Arrow-ink.

My Favorite Type M Post: Time


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Crystal Allen, DIY Editor and Social Media

I met Crystal through Karen, and could not be more happy about getting to know both of these West Coast gals!

Crystal is a crazy DIYer, like me, so after reading her blog for HOURS one evening (seriously!?? …check out this Cricut talent), I was dead-set that I must have her on the team and in the family. She’s got mad ‘from scratch’ skills to share with all of you. …and everything you see on social media for Scratch Mommy? Crystal is the creator behind all of these posts. She’s a brilliant DIYer, crazy digital media master, and one heck of a strong woman. Perfect fit for our little team, for our small Scratch Mommy family.

One thing I love about having Crystal in our family is her ability to truly listen and provide excellent, detailed feedback. I know when I pose a question to our Editorial staff that Crystal will give an honest and thorough response.

Crystal is incredibly aware and thoughtful…and let me tell you…thoughtful can go a very long way in this business.

Crystal is the owner of the digital media company West Coast Creative and is the creator of the popular blog Sew Creative. She will steal your heart here in the e-mag and in all of the fantabulous social media interactions she will have with you.

My Favorite Sew Creative Post: DIY Pallet Mason Jar Herb Garden Tutorial


I feel inspired and beyond fortunate to be working with these fellow entrepreneurially-spirited women who are driven, successful, thoughtful, determined, funny, and passionate about living life truly from scratch.


Loriel, Karen, and Crystal are true masters at what they do…with each having unique characteristics and traits that fully complete this team. I am humbled to have such an incredible editorial staff. I just know you will love their blogs and the work they do here for Scratch Mommy. Although we have only just begun this journey together, I feel as though we are all in good hands with one another…sharing, supporting, lifting, and embracing this ‘from scratch’ baby.

Until next time…

Jess, Publisher & Founder of Scratch Mommy


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