MASSIVE E-book Bundle Sale – 30 E-books at 90% Off!

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Click here & go directly to the Spring Bundle page

Yes, you read that right. 30 amazing e-books from amazing *real* health researchers and advocates for only $39!

It’s spring (finally). Have you made any promises to yourself for this new spring season? I know that I have. There are quite a few books in this bundle that will help me accomplish my goals. I am certain that there are some for you, too.

Have you had a conversation with yourself about any of the following…

  • Ridding your home of nasty chemical cleaning concoctions
  • Real food nutrition for you (and your little ones)
  • Going grain-free
  • Learning more about herbs and how they can help the body
  • Getting into the garden to grow your own food

In this bundle you will receive books about all of this…and MORE! Eek! I just can’t stand it!!

Here are the 30 books that you will receive (a $479 value…less than $1.50 per e-book!)…

Real Food, Paleo, & Grain Free


  • DIY Natural Household Cleaners (by DIY Natural)
  • Toxic Free: 70 Recipes for a Toxic-free Home (by Thank Your Body)
  • Simple Natural Health (by Shalmom Mama) – This book also includes nutrition & fitness tips


  • The Eczema Cure (by Holistic Squid) – I own this book…it is amazing and has helped my son and me heal more than I thought we could.
  • Skintervention (by Cave Girl Eats)

Tips, Tricks, & Tools To Restock Your Pantry With *Real* Foods

*Real* Nutrition For Your Children


Boost Metabolism and Quit Dieting

Unbelieveable, right!?? Believe it!

Just two of these books on their own could easily cost you $39, but until April 23rd, you’ll get all 30 books for this insanely low price.

Oh (you are just going to Love this part…) these books will be automatically delivered to you instantly. All you have to do is pay, then download the books to your hard drive (or phone, iPad, etc).

Click HERE (or on any picture in this post) to learn more about each book and to read the complete details of the deal, but really…I’ve laid it out. It truly is this simple and awesome of a deal. Eek! I can’t wait to dig into these great books. Village Green Network ROCKS!

Until next time (when my gardening miniseries will continue, as promised)…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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