DIY At-Home Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning

DIY At-Home Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning
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Like many moms, I work outside the home and therefore a few days a week I need to shed the yoga pants, hoodie, and sneakers — aka my mom uniform — and wear actual pants and nice shoes. And, like so many  moms out there who are committed to living a life from scratch, getting rid of as many household chemicals as I can is a top priority.

So when it comes to clothes, there is nothing I hate more than “dry clean only.” Why? Well, aside from having to make a special trip to the dry cleaners and the added expense, dry cleaning solution is full of toxic chemicals.

Even if your local dry cleaner uses an organic or green solution to dry clean your clothes, the chemicals are likely still toxic. Because there is little regulation, companies can use the words “green” and “organic” even if their dry cleaning methods aren’t truly safe.

What can you do about it?

Head over to The Quinntessential Mommy to learn how to dry clean your clothes at home!

Looking for non-toxic options for your regular wash loads? Scratch Mommy has recipes for Lavender Laundry Soap and 2-Minute Laundry Detergent. You can also make your own wool dryer balls to ditch dryer sheets!

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