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How To Organize Garden Seeds

I have a love/hate relationship with my gardening process. I love having a garden, but I hate to store all of my supplies. In years past, that meant I had a severe garden organization problem…which means there was no organization!

I would haphazardly leave open packets of seeds lying about or, when I was making an effort, I would throw them all into a gallon zip lock baggie. Of course, that made it super-hard to find the exact seed I wanted when I wanted it. And…to make matters worse, the seeds would dump out into the bottom of my gallon bag if the seed packet even made it into the bag at all. Out of frustration, I would end up throwing them all out or purchasing more of the same kind of seed that I had lost (which was a waste of money).

After a couple of years being a gardening “hot mess” I decided something had to change. That’s when I came up with this clever way of organizing my seeds.

Head over to my blog at The Creative Recycler and learn how to organize garden seeds!

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