Grateful, Loved, and Supported

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I am not one to brag; this blog post is not meant to be taken as such. I believe that we should all take time out of life’s crazy ride to appreciate beauty around us, successes for ourselves and others, and give thanks where thanks are due. Today’s blog post is intended to do this just that. There are no fancy pictures in this post. I simply want to write a brief snippet about feeling grateful, loved, and supported.

As you know from following my blog, my entire life I have struggled with unsightly and extremely painful eczema &/or psoriasis (depending on the doctor you ask you could get a response for either, or both). I have days where I don’t want to (can’t!) even leave my house…sometimes these are multiple days in a row. My son is now experiencing the same problems.

Not only have I been progressively feeling better (and looking better) since starting my new Scratch Mommy endeavors, but for a few reasons I am literally feeling on top of the world today. I’d like to share these reasons with you.


It is March 1st and I have always been grateful for March 1st. March 1st signifies to me that spring is on its way. This makes me happy, as I deal with a bit of the old wintertime blues. It is lightly snowing where I am today and I can clearly see this right now because I am sitting in front of a window in my breakfast nook, typing on my brand new computer.

I am now not only a fulltime Mommy, Wife, and Keeper-Of-The-Home, I am also a blogger (which is basically a fulltime job) and small business owner. I am on my computer A LOT. The computer I have been using is actually a loaner. Do you know how slow pond water is? Well, as the old saying goes…it’s pretty slow, and my old computer truly is slower than pond water. Writing a blog post that should have taken me an hour would take me about three. No, that really isn’t an exaggeration.

My husband travels for work a lot. He was gone all week and returned last night. He said that he had a surprise for me. He sent me out of the room and when I came back in and it took me a minute to see, but when I did, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A brand new computer was waiting there for me.

I am grateful for a husband who not only listens to what I say, but actually hears me. I am grateful for having such a kind and thoughtful husband. He saw the struggles I was having with the old computer and he surprised me with a new one. I am one lucky (grateful) gal.


There are little things that we can all do throughout each day to show our spouse or significant other how much we love them. Maybe it’s verbally saying it, maybe it’s taking out the trash, it could be letting the other sleep in on a day off, and so on.

Thank goodness for a nice tax return, otherwise this new computer couldn’t have happened. We need a lot of things around this house, but you know what my husband did? He went and spent money on me (and Scratch Mommy as a blogging business).

This is one way that he is showing me that he loves me. It isn’t the money or the computer itself (of course, it’s incredibly nice to have), but it is the act…the gesture…the way that he is saying he loves me.


One night, not too long ago, hubby and I were talking about my homemade lotions and body butters, my intense research efforts into food (you might remember, we also have multiple food and environmental allergies in this house), my desires to have a healthy home (in many ways), and my passions for pursuing all of these things. He looked at me and said, “Why don’t you start a business? Sell body lotions and body butters? Blog about your food findings?” Fast forward a few months…here we are.

When my hubby gave me this new computer last night he said, “I love you. I believe in you. You need this and I want you to have it so that you can succeed.”

I certainly felt supported by him before this computer. This computer is a material thing and I don’t need material things to feel grateful, loved, &/or supported. That said, the significance of this computer is massive. We/he could have spent money on many things, but because he believes in me and what I am doing, he did this for me. He supports me.

Today, March 1st, 2013, is a very good day. I’ve been saying for the past few months that I feel as if I am on a train that is heading somewhere, but that I didn’t know where. I still don’t know where, but I am absolutely certain that I am on the right track.

This is a great train ride and it is the “right” train ride. I know this by looking around at the scenery as I pass. I see it in my skin, my son’s skin, my healthy weight loss, the way I feel so much better by eating healthy *REAL* food, my new perspective on life, and my feeling of purpose again (it was becoming quite clear that the PhD program was not the right “train ride,” if you would).

As I sit in my new dedicated workspace area (which has an inspiring view of our beautiful woods) with my son on my lap eating a homemade cracker, I am completely overwhelmed with feelings of being grateful, loved, and supported.

Today, March 1st, 2013, is a great day. I hope that you can take a few minutes and think about the things in your life that make you feel grateful, loved, and supported. It is my sincere hope that all of you have a spouse, significant other, mother, brother, neighbor, son, grandmother, friend, uncle, teacher, priest…someone…you can contact today and send them your thanks. Send them your thanks for whatever! It can be small or big. Just pass it on. I hope that today’s post inspires you to do this. Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. Words cannot express how proud I am of you! Your priorities are in order.
    We should take time to tell all our loved ones how much we appreciate them. Thank you for reminding me! Yes, your husband is a wonderful guy, and we appreciate him, too!

  2. It is a good feeling isn’t it!! I am glad you are having a great moment like that. Thanks for taking part in Count Your Blessings Monday!!

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