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I’ve decided that the time is right for my first ever giveaway. Are you as excited as me? I mean, who doesn’t like a free giveaway!? Especially when the giveaway is…

Luxurious Scratch Mommy Body Butter!

These babies haven’t even hit the market yet, but will be very soon…be sure and stay up-to-date HERE. 🙂

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If you are the winner you will receive a free 6oz jar of homemade Scratch Mommy body butter. This particular blend is one of my favorites. This body butter is not only ridiculously healthy for your skin, it also smells absolutely amazing. In this decadent body butter, well-suited for any skin type, is a handcrafted blend of…

I am extremely concerned with quality and how ingredients are sourced. Therefore, I only use top of the line ingredients from reputable companies in my body lotions, body butters, and all of my other body products. All of my ingredients are…

  • Certified Organic
  • Raw
  • Unrefined (i.e. not extracted by use of solvents, alcohol, or other chemical means)
  • 100% Pure
  • Sustainably Sourced

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Also, I use only glass jars; no plastic ever touches my lotions and butters. They are created with the utmost care, as I believe that my products are just as important to your family’s skin as mine. Ready to enter to win? Alright, read below to see how this contest works.

You “earn” how entries in the Rafflecopter below (for example, if you already “Like” Scratch Mommy on Facebook, then you have an easy entry below). If you choose to do all of the entry options in the Rafflecopter below, you will have 6 chances to enter and win…meaning you could put your name “in the hat” up to 6 times today.

There are also 2 entries (the “Tweet” and “Share” entries) that you can complete each day for the remainder of the contest (this contest runs through Sunday night midnight – 3/3/13). This means that you could enter to win this fabulous Scratch Mommy body butter a total of 21 times!

Rafflecopter will select a winner at random for me, so I have nothing to do with the outcome of who wins. This contest is open today though Sunday night. I will announce the winner sometime Monday and will contact that winner by email &/or Facebook. I will mail the body butter out to you shortly thereafter.

Okay, now you are ready to enter! Ready…go!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to come back everyday through Sunday (3/3/13) and enter for another chance to win. Best of luck to you!

Until tomorrow…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. Avatar

    Ok, so I’m Jess’ husband. I guess that makes me scratch daddy? I have never wanted to use a lotion or body butter until scratch mommy shared her first creation. I love it. I’m traveling and could really use that soft, sweet, savory sensation on my skin right now.

    I am biased, but my senses are now aware of what my skin should feel like and will moving forward.

    I will not be a regular in this comments section, but felt compelled based on a wonderful experience with these lotions to share.

    I love you Scratch Mommy. I’m proud of what you are doing and the positive impact you make on our family and others. Keep up the great work!

  2. Avatar
  3. Avatar

    I love what body lotions can do for one in general. I think that the fact that you use such amazing ingredients is awesome! Most people don’t realize that what you put on your body can affect you as much as what you put in it! Even if I don’t win, I look forward to purchasing your products. They look and sound amazing!

  4. Avatar

    I’m so excited about these body butters!!!! My itty bitty has super sensitive skin and I’ve been using coconut oil on her for 2 months. I can’t imagine the yummy goodness of these body butters! Yay Jess!

  5. Avatar
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  8. Avatar

    I bake and decorate cakes as a side business, so I’m constantly washing my hands. I absolutely love having rich, creamy lotions both for body and hands to help keep them moisturized and soft!

  9. Avatar

    It used to be that I only had gator skin in winter, now it is year round. Winter just ups the ante to Super Gator! These butters sound so yummy!

  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar

    Love the look of the texture of your butters, wonderful that you are using high quality ingredients along with a soothing blend of essential oils!

  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
  14. Avatar

    This is the BEST body butter ever! Jessica gave a jar to me for Christmas, and I LOVE it! Healed my crusty elbows, and is very soothing to the skin.

  15. Avatar

    I have eczema and my hands are cracked A LOT. I use lotion, but it has some chemicals in it, and haven’t been able to try different ones to find one that works well with my skin. I have been putting off making my own, because of other things that have come up, so trying yours would be awesome! I LOVE that you use organic ingredients!! Kudos!!

  16. Avatar

    I love how body butter makes your skin feel! Jessica your web site is awesome! Very informative and interesting! LOVE IT! 🙂 Can’t wait to try your products!

  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar

    Body lotions soothe my soul and brings me joy. When I smell good and my skin feels soft, I just seem to feel better about myself which gives me more self- confidence. I love to be able to pamper myself once in awhile to bring back some inner peace.

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