Soothing Muscle Liniment
  1. Fill a clean glass jar half full with the herb or herbs of your choice. Click through the links above to learn more about our suggestions.
  2. Add enough witch hazel extract to completely cover the herbs.
  3. Use a clean utensil to gently stir the herbs and work out any air bubbles.
  4. Double check and make sure there is enough witch hazel to cover the herbs under one or two inches of extract.
  5. Allow your liniment to infuse for at least two weeks (4-8 is optimal) in a cool, dark place. Every day or two, check on your liniment and add more witch hazel if the herbs have absorbed it.
  6. At the end of your desired infusion time, strain the liniment and bottle in a small spray bottle for easy application.
Make sure to label your liniment clearly for external use only, and keep notes on which herbs you used and the ratios you used. That way, you can make more when you find a blend that works really well for you!
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