Homemade Root Vegetable Chips (aka Terra© Chips)
  • 1 Russet Potato
  • 3 Red Beets
  • 2 Sweet Potatoes
  • 2 Parsnips
  • About 20 ounces of bacon fat...or some other type of frying oil, fat, or lard. (Editor Note: You have to check out the amazing pastured fat options from my friends over at Fat Works.)
  • Sea Salt, to taste
  1. Wash all vegetables and remove ends or stems. Peel if desired. (I leave skins on, where more nutrients are found!)
  2. Heat fat in a large cast iron skillet, deep pot, or dutch oven over medium heat. Be cautious to not have the heat on too high to prevent burning.
  3. Slice the vegetable into very thin slices. 1/16 of an inch is desired for the best crispy chip.
  4. Once fat is heated up (Fat should crackle and bubble up when a vegetable slice is placed in the skillet or pot), place slices in a single layer into pot or skillet in batches. (Be aware, beets can dye the fat giving the other vegetables an undesired color. Start with white vegetables and move onto colored ones.)
  5. Using tongs or a slotted spatula, flip the vegetables to cook thoroughly.
  6. Remove the chips using tongs or a slotted spatula and place on a paper towel lined plate or pan. Sprinkle with salt right away.
  7. Continue process with the remaining vegetables in batches.
  8. Once cool place in a large serving bowl and eat right away or place in a bag and keep for a few days.
We prefer homegrown or organic root veggies for this recipe, since root veggies are very susceptible to unnecessary chemicals in the ground from conventional sprays. Learn why we buy organic here.
Recipe by Scratch Mommy at https://scratchmommy.com/homemade-root-vegetable-chips-terra-chips-recipe/