DIY Nourishing Salve for Aging Skin (aka Laughter Lines Salve)
Serves: 5 oz in a 2% dilution rate, which is the recommended ratio for safe use of essential oils on the skin
  1. Place a shallow pan on your stove filled ¼ of the way with water on low heat.
  2. Place an empty 6-8oz jar in the water and add your grapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, and beeswax.DIY Nourishing Salve for Aging Skin Carrier Oil - Scratch Mommy
  3. Once beeswax pellets have melted, remove jar from heat and allow to cool until only lukewarm (but before the beeswax has begun to solidify – if this happens, remelt for a few minutes).DIY Nourishing Salve for Aging Skin Stirring Beeswax - Scratch Mommy
  4. Add essential oils and mix.
  5. Then, so that the essential oils don’t evaporate from the warmth, place the lid loosely on the jar while the salve continues to cool.
  6. When it’s completely cooled down, it’s ready to use. Apply as needed, using gentle, upward strokes.DIY Nourishing Salve for Aging Skin Finished Product - Scratch Mommy
Caution: Carrot seed oil is contraindicated in those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Australian sandalwood should be avoided by those taking tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, certain antihistamines, and SSRIs due to potential interactions. Geranium bourbon is contraindicated in those taking certain antidepressants and some chemotherapy drugs.
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