DIY Hydrating Magnesium Oil With Less Sting
Recipe type: DIY Hydrating Magnesium Oil (with less sting!)
  1. Heat your filtered water to almost boiling.
  2. Combine magnesium and water and stir until the flakes are completely dissolved.DIY Hydrating Magnesium Oil (with less sting!) - Adding Water and Magnesium - Scratch Mommy
  3. Add the aloe vera and carrier oil and stir. They will not combine with the magnesium water.
  4. Decant into a container with a pour top spout.
  5. Shake vigorously before use each time to combine the magnesium, aloe, and carrier oils.DIY Hydrating Magnesium Oil Recipe (without the sting) - Normal Water and Oil Separation - Scratch Mommy
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