How to Make Whey
  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the bowl. It is very important that your bowl is clean
  2. Place cloth in bowl with edges hanging over
  3. Pour yogurt on top of cloth and gather all the edges together and up to make a sack of yogurt
  4. Tie off with rubber band (you will notice whey starting to drip at this point so do this over the bowl)
  5. Place the yogurt contraption with another rubber band hanging from a kitchen knob or cabinet and have to bowl underneath to catch the whey
  6. Let 6-24 hours go by and most of the whey will be strained from the curds. You do not need to refrigerate the yogurt during this process. It will actually build bacterial count in your whey and curds, which is good gut-loving stuff.
  7. Pour your whey into a mason jar and label for use within 6 months. Keep in refrigerator.
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