DIY Nail Polish
  • Water-Based, Non-Toxic Nail Polish in clear (Two ideas are Piggy Paint or Honeybee Gardens)
  • Non-Toxic Eye Shadow or other makeup powder - mineral is best for this
  • Small container (do not use anything you do not want to ruin! There is a possibility you can clean it to reuse, but whatever you have on hand is fine.)
  • Toothpick, popsicle stick or another stick for mixing (I ended up using a thin paintbrush with the bristle end removed for this)
  1. Put a small amount of finely crushed eye shadow into your disposable container (you can add more as/if needed)
  2. Open your clear polish and pour the entire bottle into the container on top of the eye shadow
  3. Use your mixing stick and combine the two very well. It is very important to thoroughly mix and have no clumps, so take your time with this step.
  4. Test the color on the nail to see if it is to your liking (and remember that you can always apply a second coat if needed to provide more opaqueness)
  5. Once fully mixed and smooth and the color is to your liking, carefully pour your new nail polish back into the original bottle.
  6. Screw the cap on and shake the bottle for a good 1-2 minutes to finish incorporating everything together.
  7. Apply to your nails (or to your favorite little girl’s nails!), following the manufacturer’s drying instructions for best results!!
Recipe by Scratch Mommy at