DIY Mold Removing Spray Recipe

DIY Mold Removing Spray Recipe
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I love the springtime in Michigan. The snow that I thought would never melt has melted and there’s finally warmth in the air. The birds are singing and the bees are buzzing. It sets me straight into spring cleaning mode!

It’s time to clean out all of the cobwebs and the other nasty jobs I’ve been avoiding all winter. Enter: mold removal.

When things thaw out from the winter, the moisture really comes to the surface and the mold rears its ugly little head. Before I began my #lifefromscratch, I would have whipped out all of my.

You know, the bleach, the ammonia (not together of course), and the commercial mold removers.

Now I know how toxic all of those chemicals are and how much they can burden our bodies. Thankfully, we don’t actually need those toxic products at all! You can make a completely non-toxic mold remover that will do the job just as effectively with just a few simple ingredients.

Scratch Mommy also has a DIY germ-killing spray for the other spring cleaning jobs!

Head on over to Happy Healthnut to check out the full recipe for DIY Mold Removing Spray!

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