A super simple, crazy effective DIY Cracked Foot and Heel Salve Recipe which will absolutely get your feet ready for spring and summer. Get the recipe (or buy it!) right here!

DIY Cracked Foot & Heel Salve Recipe

Last night I heard rain and lightning and *thunder* for the first time in literally MONTHS!


What does this mean to me?


Oh, how I look forward to spending more time outside very soon…basking in the sun, getting in some excellent Earthing while turning the soil for my garden, and just enjoying the days spent outside playing with my toddler and hubby. After a long, cold, snowy winter, I am craving the sun and vitamin D (making sure I apply a bit of DIY sunscreen lotion to my nose and shoulders).

Another thing that comes with spring, since you know that I like to keep it real with you, is getting my body back into shape for the new clothing I’m excited to get back on my body. My long hippie skirts don’t ever go out of style all winter long, but shorter ones do make a reappearance (so I must shave those legs just a bit more often). I also bring back out my flippity-flip-flops.

One of the first things I notice after a long winter is the horrific shape of my crusty and cracked feet and heels. Ewwwww.

While I have been known to go to the salon for a pedicure visit (maybe twice in my life!??), I prefer to take care of my winter-time feet myself. You know that the stuff they are using in the salon/spa most likely isn’t the best non-toxic option available.

No worries…Scratch Mommy has you covered! Today I bring you a super simple, crazy effective DIY Cracked Foot and Heel Salve Recipe…that will absolutely get your feet ready for spring and summer. Hooray!

Two Key Ingredients

Per my typical DIYing style, I want you to know why I specifically choose to use two key ingredients in this DIY Cracked Foot Salve Recipe.

Cocoa Butter

I’ve already written a pretty intense post about raw, organic, unrefined, sustainably-sourced cocoa butter here, but it’s worth chatting about a bit more so you understand why I chose cocoa butter over shea butter for this recipe.

While it’s true that both shea and cocoa butters are wonderful moisturizers, cocoa butter is one of the most rich, emollient oils available. This makes  it an excellent choice for super dry skin (source). Plus, who doesn’t want to give their feet a faint chocolate scent!?

Tamanu Oil

Without hesitation, tamanu oil is always my #1 go-to for healing damaged skin.

As well as having anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibiotic properties, raw, organic, unrefined, and sustainably-sourced tamanu oil is a natural antioxidant. Sounds perfect for restoring your cracked, dry winter feet and preparing them for spring and summer, wouldn’t you say?

Although tamanu oil can be a bit pricey, it’s something that will pay off to keep around. On our site here you can make two DIY skincare recipes using tamanu, including…

You can also find tamanu oil as an ingredient in these products in the Pronounce Skincare Shop

Learn more about tamanu oil and purchase our favorite brand here.

Customer Product Review

I love to sample my DIY recipes before sharing them with you. I always have people try them out so you aren’t just taking my word for it, but the word of others.

My lovely retail store neighbor came to me wanting something for her feet. Of course, I had a recipe just for the trick.

Marybeth is currently on container #2. She even recently brought a friend up to the store so she could grab her own container!

I asked for a personal testimonial from Marybeth and she happily obliged…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Scratch Mommy Footcare Salve!

Literally overnight, this salve healed my dry, cracked feet, without making my socks oily.

I now use it 2 or 3 times a week and my feet feel great! Also, I like the fact that one small tin of it lasts a long time.

~Marybeth Kelsey, owner of MoonStones Jewelry Store in Bloomington, IN

Ready to make it? Follow this easy recipe and your feet and heels will be in spring & summer condition ASAP!

DIY Cracked Foot Salve Recipe (get your feet ready for spring and summer)!
My favorite EO combination for this recipe (for both scent & healing effects) – 2 drops German (blue) Chamomile, 3 drops Sandalwood, & 5 drops Lavender
    1. Double-boiler (I always make my own with a pot and glass bowl on top)
    2. Kitchen scale (like this fantastic glass-top scale)
    3. Glass jar(s) &/or tins for salve (simply recycle an old glass jar at least 8 oz in size)
    Make It
    1. Combine all ingredients in your lightly simmering double-boiler (EXCEPT the Vitamin E and Essential Oils).
    2. Melt everything down; the beeswax will be the last to melt. You can encourage melting with a wooden spoon.
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    3. Remove glass bowl from heat and wipe down the HOT outside to remove moisture…you don’t ever want water getting into your DIY skincare creations, as this can contribute to and encourage bacterial growth. Now, add the Vitamin E and Essential Oils.
    4. Carefully pour mixture into your clean, sanitized containers.
    5. Let cool for a while (at least 30 minutes), but you’ll be surprised at how quickly this actually cools (it’s the beeswax).
    Use It
    1. Apply to your feet at bedtime and (if you can stand it) wear socks over the top. As Marybeth mentioned, this salve works quickly, with only a treatment or two you should start to see improvement.
    Nutrition Information
    Serving size: Approximate 7oz

    Want to purchase this product from my organic skincare shop?

    Not feeling particularly DIYish? Simply not enough hours in the day? Pinning more than you could ever tackle these days?

    No worries. I have got you covered. I LOVE giving both the DIY recipes for my skincare products AND offering them for sale in my organic skincare shop, both online and in my retail store in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m doing the same with this recipe.

    You can find my Foot and Heel Salve HERE online…in two different sizes.

    Head over to the Pronounce Skincare Shop and take a peek at what I’m currently offering, including this foot and heel salve recipe!

    Until next time, my friend!




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    1. This sounds wonderful, can’t wait till I get out to the store and buy supplies! I love running around bare foot in summer and love going to the beach and having the sand in between my toes, so this sound great for putting on after a day of play!
      P.s.love the comment about having to shave more now that nice weather is around the corner! Lol! But so very true! 😉

    2. I have just recently stumbled across your website and I’m loving it!!! My daughter is African-American and I have started making her hair products myself so I know what’s is going into it. Well, that has snowballed into wanting to make as many homemade products as I can. I just made your sunscreen and it’s terrific!!!! Now on to the heel salve for my sister! Well anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, your sited has been extremely informative and inspiring!!!!! Thanks again!!!!

    3. The salve sounds great! I have really dry hands every winter and it takes for ever to get them back in shape. Speaking of shaving more often, do you have any products or tips for razor burn? I have not been able to find any way around razor burn 🙁

    4. I think that the world is so commercialized, that, even in Coconuts, they use: HAND PRESSED COCONUT OIL!!!

      While, the truth and the matter is, that _ coconut oils are results of a “cooking” method used to develop an “OIL” out of cooking procedures…

      There is no such thing as : hand pressed coconut oil!!!


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    5. I just wanted to let you know that I have made this several times and have gifted most of it. They are begging for more! It not only has helped the cracked heels, it helped heal some feet disorders too like runners toe. I just gave a sample to a friend who had a horrible skin condition on her hand that was made worse by a prescribed steroid. The problem healed up, but seems to be coming back again. She asked for one of my other products, but I thought this salve would work better. Finger crossed!

    6. I found you through Pinterest and very excited to try your products. I have EXTREMELY dry and cracked feet which I am sure is from NEVER wearing socks (even in the winter months). I sure hope this helps! I love essential oils and use them often, and I am amazed at what they are capable of doing! I am looking forward to getting these products. 🙂

      Thank you!

    7. Dear Jessica,

      I just want to thank you for this wonderful recipe.
      When I made this salve last year, I was not ready to buy Tamanu oil for its high price. The salve was still good enough, though. This time I decided to follow your recipe strictly and buy Tamanu oil because I really had enough of my cracked feet. The salve worked so well, so that I went on to apply this salve on my super dry hands and the skin became so smooth. It hasn’t been this smooth since I moved to Germany and became a full-time mom 14 years ago! Thank you sooooo much!

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    8. Would grapeseed or jojoba oil be okay in place of avocado oil? I usually don’t stock avocado oil, it’s just not something I use.

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