Health & Beauty Dandelion Uses

Health & Beauty Dandelion Uses
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I never, ever spray the dandelions in my yard – I want them to flourish, in fact! For one thing, I don’t see them as “ugly” or a nuisance like some people do.

I’m really thankful that most of the people who live in the same tiny town as I do seem to agree. Little yellow blossoms are everywhere around here each spring. Cuteness aside, dandelions are also really useful!

You can eat them, use them to make healthy personal care products like this DIY dandelion lip balm and even use them medicinally.

I’ve used dandelions more this year than I ever have before and I’m still learning about all the ways they can be used.

Head over to Everblossom for 5 incredibly easy ways to use this happy little “weed” in your home!

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