Craving A Crunch? Here are 8 ‘Crunchy’ Recipes For You!

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I love things that crunch. Unfortunately, most of the convenience crunchy food items at the grocery are made with very unsavory ingredients. Bummer.

Never fear though…I’ve been searching my through some of my favorite blogs and have put together a crunchy post just for you. Here are some of the best  crunchy creations (chips and crackers) that I found. Simply click on each picture to view each  recipe.

Simple, Homemade, Whole-Wheat, Cheese Crackers

These little crackers come from Five Little Homesteaders and look so incredibly tasty…and they are quite nourishing, to boot!

Easy Oat Flour Crackers

These simple little crackers (from little old me) are crazy easy to make and for some reason when I eat them I am reminded of times long ago. These are always a hit with my family and I bet they would be with you and yours, too.

Gluten-Free Copycat Cheez-Its

These gluten-free lovelies come from Whole Natural Life and I cannot wait to get these into the oven so that they can get into my belly. I love that you have two nourishing flour choices (including a sprouted rice flour) and coconut oil is my fav.

Homemade Sprouted Tortilla Chips Fried In Coconut Oil

If your follow me on Facebook you’ve probably noticed that I share a lot of things from Robin at Thank Your Body. We seem to have a lot in common when it comes to eating and using toxic-free body products. She has scored another homerun with this recipe for homemade sprouted tortilla chips…PLUS recipes for FIVE dips!

I like making these chips with these tortillas, which I absolutely love (and this is a great deal for a whole bunch and they freeze very well). You can make them with sprouted, organic corn tortillas (as suggested in this great post), but we have a sensitivity to corn in this house, so we avoid it…even when sprouted. Whatever sprouted tortillas you choose, you will surely love these chips.

Sweet Potato Chips fried with Coconut Oil

Although I am not a vegetarian, I still find a ridiculous amount of amazing content from Healy Real Food Vegetarian‘s blog. This simple, healthy recipe is no exception. I have also made these and they definitely satisfy my cravings for a lovely, healthy crunch.

Kale Chips

Have you tried kale chips yet? No!??? You have GOT to give them a whirl.

They are super-de-duper easy, filled with nourishment, and they pack a massive crunch. My 22-month old loves these, too (hooray!). I often sprinkle them with paprika and this seasoning (keeping it real…I put this seasoning on probably 60% of the things I cook in my kitchen because it is that versatile and it’s really just that tasty). Thanks go to Learning and Yearning for this gem.

Cheesy Quinoa Crackers

These crunchy crackers are brought to you from yours truly. 🙂 You may have noticed that I use a lot of quinoa flour in my baking. It packs such an amazing nutritional punch and I simply adore the flavor. These are quite tasty so you’ll want to give these a try, if I don’t mind saying so myself.

Sprouted Flour Cheddar Crackers

I leave you with another cheese cracker, but this one has a couple of secret ingredients making them quite special. These are on my “must make list” and I hope to do that by week’s end. Girl Meets Nourishment has created a unique cracker here that you’ve just got to check out.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my crunchy creations recipe round-up and you are now inspired to get into the kitchen and start creating some of these crafty, crunchy recipes yourself.

Here’s a random question for you, readers…what is your favorite flour for creating crunchy cravings?

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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