Battling with Eczema

Battling with Eczema
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My kids both have skin issues. I guess I’m not surprised since I often have dry feet, and hubby gets cracked and bleeding fingers every winter. However neither of us deals with eczema.

Eczema is a crazy skin affliction to me. It’s been a huge struggle to find the cause.

One thing that has helped us is using Jess’ Soothing Bath Soak – give it a try because whether or not it helps your own eczema it is very soothing and the scent is wonderful.

Switching to homemade lotion bars has also helped a bit to keep scratching fingers at bay.

Head over to Kitchen Stewardship to read all the products that worked (and didn’t!) on my toddler’s eczema.

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  1. Have you eliminated gluten, dairy or both? With gluten out of my diet my skin really comes back to life. No eczema, redness or pimples anymore! I which I knew this wrought my entire adolescence. My confidence is waaaayyyy up!

    1. Post

      We tried dairy elimination for 5 months (my son was DF at the time so it was super easy) and no change. We have yet to go GF because it’d be an entire overhaul of the whole family’s diet and I’m not certain that I see enough symptoms to want to go that far yet.

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