Are you prone to dry, itchy skin? Wondering the best way to cleanse it? DIY Avocado Oil and Honey facial cleanser is a fabulous all natural skincare remedy.

DIY Avocado Oil and Honey Facial Cleanser

Does winter have your face feeling like alligator skin? Tis’ the season here in Canada for warm scarves, hunter boots, a cozy fire and…dry, scaly skin–a totally unwelcome winter side-affect, that’s all too common in this cold climate. What does a Scratch Mommy do when she’s suffering from a skin problem? Create a DIY natural remedy of course! Originally concocted …

Carrier oils are a necessity for making your own natural body and skincare products, but do you know how to use them? Check out this in-depth post on how to choose carrier oils.

How To Choose Carrier Oils

Let’s talk carrier oils and why they are a necessity in a #LifeFromScratch skin and body care routine, as well as in homemade skin and body care items. Before I began my journey in earnest, I used pretty much any thing on my face, skin, and body. It was all just about that awesomely scented lotion, scrub, or other product …

Cooking Oils 102

Hello lovely readers! So, I left you hanging with my last blog post regarding cooking oils…sorry about that. I have had a lot going on with the business / lotion side of Scratch Mommy (check out my shop…so exciting). 🙂

Grilled Eggplant and Hummus Wrap Recipe

Hot summer days call for easy, portable, make ahead meals, perfect for picnics, road trips, or casual get-togethers. What is the one type of meal that is perfect for those kind of days? Wraps! Wraps are one of my favourite quick and easy meals to make. Not only are wraps more exciting than a boring old sandwich, there are a …