Here are 5 Halloween inspired crafts and activities that are completely toddler friendly. Just make sure you have everything you need when you start -- toddlers are known to be impatient!

5 Halloween Inspired Crafts and Activities to do with Your Toddler

Holidays were always fun as a kid, and it’s quite possible you thought that the holiday’s couldn’t get any more fun. That is, until you grew up and had kids of your own.

As a parent, I literally can’t wait for the holidays to come around. Being able to relive the discoveries, excitement, and joy that comes from your child during this time is priceless.

Holiday themed arts and crafts are one of the easiest ways to have fun, while also discussing the holiday in a natural way. That is, unless you have a toddler. Toddlers are a whole different ball game when it comes to arts and crafts and things that require them to listen to you. Well, at least it’s a whole different ball game for mine.

I set out on a mission to find 5 Halloween inspired crafts and activities that are totally toddler friendly and entertaining. User discretion is advised though — toddlers have their own mind and the butterflies and rainbows can quickly turn into ghosts and goblins!

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