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3-2-1 Herbal Tea Recipe

Raise your hand if you ever drank a…full of sugar, left a red smile on your face…beverage as a kid. Yeah, me too! In fact, I remember drinking what my siblings and I deemed “bunny juice” and then bouncing around like bunnies the rest of the afternoon. Even as a kid, I realized that sugar and dyes meant extra energy.

However, I’m an adult now. I don’t want my kids drinking the same stuff I did! I don’t want the hyperactivity or decreased immune system that comes with that classic red drink, popularly known as Kool-Aid©. What’s a more natural mama to do? Make your own herbal version of Kool-Aid©!

Instead of using sugars and dyes, I use herbs to make a great healthy alternative drink. It’s still naturally bright red, but it also has tons of health benefits like vitamin C, iron, and antioxidants!

Head over to The Pistachio Project to learn how to make her easy 3-2-1 Herbal Tea Recipe!

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