2nd Birthday *REAL* Food Cake

In the weeks leading to my toddler’s recent 2nd birthday, I ‘pinned’ several options while trying to decide on the ‘right’ birthday cake. I knew that this was something I wouldn’t tackle on my own and I wanted to use a tried-and-true recipe.

I shared a few options on my Facebook page; in fact, I shared 3 top contenders. A wise Facebook friend chimed in and said (something to the tune of…), “Chocolate. Chocolate always wins.”

She couldn’t have been more right. This cake…

This cake…….

THIS CAKE is one of the BEST cakes that I’ve e-v-e-r had.

A grain-free, eggless cake…the B-E-S-T Evvvvver?

Yes. At least in the top 3.

Why You Should Make This Cake

heck no…that’s not my picture. I Wish!

The brilliant recipe creator took this amazing picture. We can thank Rose of The Clean Dish for this lovely picture and amazing recipe. My pics (as you’ll see in this blog post) aren’t nearly as good (and the cake wasn’t quite as pretty), but this is really about the taste, right!??

Anywho…back to this cake and why you should make it…and eat it.

No Grains!

This is important for many people who are Paleo, GAPS, Primal (etc etc etc) and not eating grains. While my household loosely follows Primal guidelines, we have not dove in all of the way. I still see some health benefits to eating grains that have been properly soaked (according to WAPF guidelines).

Now, that said…if you want a cake for a 1st birthday, this is it. I believe that it is very important to steer clear of grains for little tummies.

Allergen Friendly!

Unless you have a nut allergy, this cake is actually pretty allergen friendly. There are no eggs and no cow’s milk. Win.

Oh, and no refined sugars either.


Making this cake couldn’t be more easy. It’s your standard, “combine dry in one bowl and wet in another, then mix together” type of recipe. Since I made 5 other *real* food dishes for my son’s party (for 40 people!), I liked having one easy thing to make. Yes, I definitely like that.

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Obviously, if I didn’t think that this cake was a winner in terms of taste, I wouldn’t be wasting my time (or yours, for that matter) writing this. This cake is sweet, moist, tender, springy, and everything else you want in a cake.

The icing? OhEmmGeeee. Although I did change it up a little bit (only out of necessity, which you’ll read later), I will be making this icing again soon and slathering it on lots of things.

The Leftovers!

Holy leftovers…seriously.

I made this cake the morning of his party, so it hadn’t hit the fridge until we were done eating. I had some the next morning. It was the same cake, only way better (which I didn’t think was possible). It makes sense, really. The cake itself was able to ‘form’ a little better and the icing…oh the icing! It really formed and had become something truly magnificent.

Why You Shouldn’t Make This Cake

… … …you are allergic to nuts.

Really, that’s really all I’ve got.

What  You Need To Make This Cake

Now, since this isn’t my recipe I obviously cannot give you all of the ingredients. I gotta give credit where credit is due (and it is most certainly NOT due here). Hehe.

Rose recommends an 8.5 inch springform pan. I used this one (it’s a 9 inch…and I LOVE it) and the cake was fabulous.

I’ve had this springform pan on my Amazon Wish List for a while now. It’s silicone with a glass base. What are your thoughts about this one, readers? Sorry…I digress…

Now for a few other things that you probably already have in your *real* food kitchen…

You’ll also need applesauce (here’s my homemade recipe)…and a few other items, of course, but you’ll have to check out the recipe to see what else you’ll need.

As for the delish icing? The only change I made was the addition of 1T of raw, virgin coconut oil (at ‘solid’ room temp). It helped it to ‘fluff’ more while making it, yet helped it to ‘solidify’ more in the end (especially the leftovers from the fridge).

Now, head on over and visit Kelly at Primally Inspired as she so graciously hosted Rose’s amazing chocolate cake on her blog as a guest post. Click HERE To Check It Out!

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

PS If you like the looks and sound of this cake, please be sure to check out Rose’s blog, too. She created this masterpiece and she has plenty of other absolutely amazing recipes on her blog. Check her out!!!

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  1. I am learning a lot about real food also and healthy skin care, natural products : ). It all started one year ago I was searching for something online, can’t even remember what, and stumbled upon wheat belly blog and it and further reading and research have changed my life!

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