27 Crunchy Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas (All Under $25)

Are you sick of meaningless stocking stuffers? Me too but luckily we're both covered because here are 27 crunchy stocking stuffer gift ideas all under $25!
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Ahh, Christmas.

The time of year that you receive things in your stocking that you really wish you didn’t.

Come on, I seriously can’t be the only person that dislikes stocking stuffer gifts — they are so, worthless. Okay, maybe not all of them but the majority of stocking stuffers you literally just throw away that night or the next day (or at least want to do that).

It’s a waste of money and waste of… waste. Why throw your money away on something that someone wants to just throw away?

Sounds pretty awful, right? Then it dawned on me.

There is basically a crunchy-granola version of everything, so there MUST be some great crunchy stocking stuffer gift ideas for us folks that would prefer to give (and receive) something meaningful. Plus, I can’t be the only one in the market for great stocking stuffer ideas.

So, I went to searching and come to find out, there are a TON of crunchy stocking stuffer gift ideas that are all relatively inexpensive. Things like mini pink Himalayan sea salt and black pepper shakers (that I personally carry around in my purse), stainless steel straws, magnetic measuring spoons, essential oils, and of course, a Scratch Mommy lip lotion make the perfect crunchy stocking stuffer.

And to think, those are only 5 of the 27 awesome stocking stuffer ideas!

Want to see the rest?

Head on over to Naturally Loriel so you can give meaningful crunchy stocking stuffer gifts this year!

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